Hometown Heroes: Yogurt Smoothness

Today, we’re getting smooth. Or should I say heavy? No matter how you say it, all you have to do is listen, and you will know that experimental rock duo Yogurt Smoothness is awesome. This one hits close to home, because Yogurt Smoothness are an Orlando band, and I’ve been them for a while. They’re new EP Heavy Cream just came out, and now the duo is hitting the road to promote it. Enjoy.

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Keepin’ it smooth

I got to see Yogurt Smoothness kick off their “Heavy Cream 2013 Tour,” Thursday night at local bar/venue, Will’s Pub, located on Mills Avenue. Joining them were: Portals, Tyler NO, and Join Hands. Unfortunately, I had to leave halfway through Yogurt Smoothness’ set, morning classes suck, but I’d seen the band a few times before. Yogurt Smoothness has been around since 2006, they cut their chops right here in Orlando, and consistently put on a great show. Brian Stabile (drums/vocals) and Danilo Krkljus (guitar/vocals) connect on stage, and when they get in a groove, they are easily one of the top Orlando bands. Both are excellent musicians, Brain pounds away like a tribal warrior on his extravagant drum set, and Danilo uses a Frankenstein’s Monster set up, equipped with both a bass amp and a regular guitar amp, that will make your ears bleed. The two create a wall of sound, punching you in the chest, demanding lunch money.

Heavy Cream is the band’s third EP, follow-up to 2011’s Live Forever. Lead single, “Glazed” is a mid-tempo stroll through the park on acid. The guitar is friendly, but when the fuzzed vocals come in, things don’t seem so innocent anymore.

“Heavy Cream 2013 Tour” Dates:

  • Oct 3: Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub w/ Portals, Caribou King, Grey Market
  • Oct 4: Gainesville, @ Mars w/ 8Track Automatic
  • Oct 5: Atlanta, GA @ House Show tba w/ pillage and plunder, slambo
  • Oct 6: Clarksville, TN @ The Coup w/ Vela Ceras
  • Oct 7: Asheville, NC @ The Apothecary w/ TEAM, Church Jerks
  • Oct 8: Raleigh, NC @ Slims Downtown w/ Bird Step
  • Oct 9: Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar w/ tba
  • Oct 10: Brooklyn, NY @ The Flat w/ lost coves, goodnight darlings
  • Oct 11: Boston, MA @ Roggies w/ the scimitar (ex black piramid)
  • Oct 12: TBA
  • Oct 13: Hartford, CT @ house show tba w/ stone titan
  • Oct 14: TBA
  • Oct 15: Providence, RI @Dusk w/ tba
  • Oct 16: NJ @ house show w/ Space Drugs
  • Oct 17: New London, CT @ el n gee club w/ tba
  • Oct 18: Brooklyn, NY @ Close Encounters
  • Oct 19: Atlantic City, NJ @ The Boneyard
  • Oct 20: TBA
  • Oct 21: TBA
  • Oct 22: Columbus, OH @ Tree Bar w/ pegasister
  • Oct 23: TBA
  • Oct 24: Athens, GA @ The MAX
  • Oct 25: Saint Augustine, FL @ Panama Hatties w/ artilect, the groynoodle
  • Oct 26: Orlando, FL @ Uncle Lous w/ Holly Hunt

Preview all of Heavy Cream.

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