Low Dough Mondays: Butter Queen, The Woolly Bushmen, Alias Punch

There are two things in this universe that can always brighten up my day: live music and a leather jacket. It’s not cold enough yet for a leather jacket, and this blog isn’t really geared towards leather goods, so today I’m talking about some live music. Last night, at the infamous Will’s Pub, Butter Queen, The Woolly Bushmen, and Alias Punch kept it smooth, and made us move. It was Low Dough Monday, so I got all this goodness for $3, so don’t miss the next one. Enjoy.

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Butter Queen

First on, crawling straight out of the gutter, was Butter Queen. Butter Queen is the supergroup of the Orlando music scene. Composed of one part Wet Nurse, one part Basements of Florida, and one part Tam Tam the Sandwich Man, this Frankenstein’s Monster came out swinging. Although a fairly new act, their experience shows. Vocal duties change between salty and sweet, but their sound is all sleaze. One song was even dedicated to longtime local dive bar, Wally’s. I look forward to hearing more from Butter Queen, and seeing some of my favorite local bands come together was magic.

The Woolly Bushmen

The Woolly Bushmen are in a league all their own. I’ve seen them a few times, and they never fail to get the whole crowd moving. Get your rockabilly gear out because you will be swing dancing, you will be amazed, you will not survive. Simon Palombi (vocals/guitar/keyboards) has a presence on stage that is somewhere between Jack White and a stumbling drunk. Throughout the set he stomped around on stage like a caveman. Julian Palombi (drums) beat the hell out of his drum set, and the banter between the brothers turned this set into a show. If you haven’t seen The Woolly Bushmen live, do yourself a favor and fix that. They have another show at Will’s again on November 9, don’t miss it!

Alias Punch

Alias Punch closed out the night, and they did so in a big way. Off what sounds like an exhausting tour, the band still seemed fresh, and played with a sound all their own. Self described as, ” a sludgy blanket to keep you warm through the winters, and cool in the summers,” this band is really hard to pinpoint. They’re experimental rock, with killer riffs, a FUCK IT attitude, and enough beer to put down a football team. Screaming vocals, talking vocals, chanting vocals, melodic guitars, crunching guitars, these songs stay fresh. But, one things remains the same. They kick your ass all over the room.

3 thoughts on “Low Dough Mondays: Butter Queen, The Woolly Bushmen, Alias Punch

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