Peace Treats Records – “Greetings from Orlando” PART ONE

If you’re blindly unaware, Orlando has some of the best acts in the world… they also have the best music blog. Recently, Wet Nurse and Peace Treats Records made a mix CD of Orlando bands to take to SXSW. Over the next few entries, I’ll be quickly tearing through this compilation, giving you the best Orlando music money can buy. Enjoy.

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The Welzeins – “Zhark Attack”

The Welzeins kick off the comp the only way they know how: loud “take no prisoners” surf rock. RJ’s vocals are gritty yet catchy, and the force of this song knocks similar California bands off their surfboards. All the Cocoa Beach necessities are here. Ride the waves. Bikini Babes. Shark Attacks. And a thick layer of SPF 1,000 fuzz guitar sunscreen. Apply every two hours for best results.

Hear more from The Welzeins on their Bandcamp! The duo is releasing their debut album soon, so stay tuned for that!

Girls on the Beach – “Way She Walks”

Influenced by “beer, girls, [and] self-loathing,” Girls on the Beach keep the good times rolling. There’s a strong Beach Boys influence, which shows itself in the ooo’s and aaa’s of the background vocals. A mid-tempo walk on the peer is interrupted by a beautiful girl who won’t give her onlookers the time of day. Girls on the Beach have been burning down Orlando since 2011, and with their most recent release coiming out last October, we can only hope they’ll be around for years to come.

Hear more from Girls on the Beach on their Bandcamp!

The Tuff Looks – “Tuff Break”

The Tuff Looks pull us off the beach and into a dark alley. “Tuff Break” has punchy guitar rifts and punk attitudes; the harmonica has never been more intimidating. The dueling male and female vocals create a nice flow, and make the chorus ear gripping. I didn’t know about The Tuff Looks before this compilation, but I look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

Hear more from The Tuff Looks on their Bandcamp!

Stay tuned for part two!

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