Casual Conversation: Floatin’ with The Stargazer Lilies

Today, we have my interview with The Stargazer Lilies. The band played a loud-as-hell set last Friday @ Will’s with The Casket Girls. There taking a well deserved break, but they’ll be hitting the road again in April with Tobacco. Enjoy.



What inspired you to minimize the sound of Soundpool?

John: Logistics and a ever growing guitar sound were two factors.

Kim: We were also wanting to move in a different direction with song writing at the time we started TSL. We wanted to strip things down and create on a more intimate level.

John: Another huge factor is that we really needed to move the center of most operations away from New York City where all of the members of SP were living except us. Now we operate totally from our home in the Poconos except when gigging.

Do you think your hometowns have any influence on your music? If so, how?

John: Our environment certainly does.
Being in a glass house in the woods definitely moulds the direction and sound of TSL.

Soundpool is a more urban band with a more urban sound as we were living in in NYC in the beginning of Soundpool and then spending most of our time there during the creation of all three albums.

Kim: The Stargazer Lilies sound is more reflective of living and experiencing nature around you and the experience of being a part of it all.

How has the process of writing music changed with two people?

John: It’s made it more simple for sure.lilies2

Kim: It’s more organic. We don’t have to schedule any writing or recording sessions. We just create the music when it comes to us. The music to me is much more personal. I always felt like I was kind of playing a part in Soundpool even though I was a co-writer and co-creator of the project. With The Stargazer Lilies I feel my experience is just being really honest with myself.

Is it more challenging to have a strong live presence since going from five to three (they’re joined live by a drummer) people on stage?

Kim: I don’t think it’s been more challenging. It’s a completely different animal. In a way I think we can almost be more compelling live because there’s less going on which I think can make the individual parts shine through brighter. I think TSL can take people and pull them in and create almost an out of body experience. Soundpool was more of a party live so just a completely different experience. But what do I know? I’ve never hung out in our audience.

John: Even though it’s fewer pieces the sound might actually be bigger with TSL than it was with SP. Actually it is bigger. The guitar has taken over the mix since there aren’t so many parts and instruments to compete with. I’m able to really drive the guitar much bigger than I was with Soundpool creating a more intense wall of sound.


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