Album Review: The Welzeins – “The Welzeins”

Those fuckers in The Welzeins finally decided to release an album, and I’m here to tell you about that album. Intro, intro, intro. Enjoy.

Damn, that intro sucked.

On their first full-length, The Welzeins bring thick, crunchy, fuzzed-out songs, not dissimilar to garage rock artists like: Ty Segall, White Fence, and The White Wires. Their sound is a familiar one, but the band does it justice by putting tons personality into their music. The opener “Zhark Attack,” one of the band’s best live staples, is filled with humorous lines about dad getting laid, and then attacked by a shark. The bridge features singer RJ playing lifeguard, urging swimmers to vacate the waters. But when he screams “DAADDD!,” you realize a young man has just lost his father to an ocean of fuzz.

Other album highlights include “Shit and Sugar,” “Miss Mosshart,” “Cigarette Girls,” and “I Get Stoned.” These songs, more so then some of the others, are filled with that personality that makes The Welzeins stand out in the massive congregation of The First National Church of Big Muff. “Miss Mosshart” is a love note to The Kill’s frontwoman, and “I Get Stoned” is about, wouldn’t you know, getting stoned. Another standout, “Cigarette Girls” has these cool allusions to tobacco use: “I’m no Marlboro Man,” “she’s got that American spirit,” “I’m addicted to you.” There’s also a great reprise in the song filled with reverbed oohs that sounds almost psych-like. This small change is refreshing in the straightforward, riff heavy atmosphere of the album.

And that’s it. Listen to the album, and let me know what you think. Also, try to get a chance to see The Welzeins live. Shit’s good. Peace.

3 thoughts on “Album Review: The Welzeins – “The Welzeins”

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