Crit Overthought album review

“I Am Happier Than I Have Ever Been” | Crit – ‘Overthought’ (album review)

…but it’s Overthought, not over thought, an homage to Nevermind. Overthought, a feeling mutual to us all.

Headphones in. Fuzz on. Distortion tone set to HI, color set to OD.

90s California is the band’s influence; Pavement, The Flesh Eaters, The Bay Area. They’re holding apathetic self-aware parking-lot sprawl rock to a high standard, and Crit’s Overthought is an apex example of how music is no longer bound by location, but based purely off influence. “Fucking Up///Fuck Me Up” hits us with the pleading vocals that hold throughout the whole album. It’s asking for accountability and he’s “fucking exhausted.” Punk rock with its own fangs that are not store-bought, but handmade. The mixture of Wowee Zowee and American post-punk Replacements brings a sense of nostalgia you didn’t even realize you experienced, let alone missed.

“I know it’s just wrong / to shrug it off.” (A brief comment in Orlando Weekly’s 2015 Undie isn’t something to shrug about, either.) “Lose It All” rattles ice picks of misguided anxiety in just under three minutes and this trend of impaling riffs and vocal presentations never halters. “On Me” shows off the immutable mixing and mastering of this record. Vocal cracks bring real power to this track drilling in “It’s all fun.” “Asking Myself” is another anthem. Crit knows that self-degradation makes for killer tracks when done genuinely. “What am I doing? / Feeling hopeless all the time.” We’ve heard it time and time again, but when Crit presents it, we listen. It’s pop and there’s nothing bad about it.

“Waiting Too Long seems to call in The Ramones, if they where pissed that they got called sissy’s and are throwing knives into the ashcan eardrums of the audience. The tone presented matches the title track; anxiety becomes nervous energy and explodes into the closing track. Apathy reached its logical conclusion, acceptance but with remorse.

Crit exemplifies revivalism in indie rock before it broke the mainstream and was separated from alternative. They are the local band to watch. 2016 should be marauded of emotion for their sophomore album.

Crit Overthought Album Review by Andres Andrade.

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