Fishwife & i_like_dog_face – “I Like Welcome”

Fishwife & i_like_dog_face – “I Like Welcome”

Literally, this song had been uploaded two minutes before I came to Soundcloud looking for something, and I’m thankful I stopped and listened. My interest in Sarasota experimental noise artist i_like_dog_face began at last year’s International Noise Conference in Miami. I was documenting Me Chinese’s tour at the time, who seemed like outliers amongst the eccentric sounds of INC. While wading through the three stages of weird, I was transfixed by a single person wailing and moaning into a microphone, wearing Christmas lights in an otherwise pitch-black room. The music beneath these outcries was just as hectic. Large, industrial pulses clashed against static fuzz. I was witnessing performance art and music and madness concurrently.

On this new song, we are joined by Fishwife for the sweetest thing I’ve heard from i_like_dog_face to date. The creepy beat of a blacksmith smashing iron is still here, but these hauntingly beautiful vocals, in what I think is Spanish (sorry, I have a bad ear for that), soak the entire song. They’re actually quite comforting when juxtaposed with aforementioned sounds. The two sing back-and-forth, each line flowing into the next, as the beat slowly drags itself closer and closer. The only other sounds here are faint synths, vibrating in the distance, watching these two forces meet.

Keep an ear open for the split that these two are putting out through Popnihil. Titled Heavy Water, it will feature individual works and two collaborations, “I Like Welcome” being the first. And hey, if you’re in Sarasota, think about going to this Animal Collective tribute show I helped with. There will certainly be plenty of weird sounds.

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