Pathos, Pathos - "Summer Nights"

Pathos, Pathos – “Summer Nights” (track review + photos)

Orlando indie quartet Pathos, Pathos have just debuted the first single from their second EP, Pet Names. “Summer Nights” has long been a staple in the band’s live performance; its beating refrain can be heard back to the release of Familiar Homes, their February 2015 debut. I described that EP as “a bite of out a sweet, crisp apple on a beautiful day” — Jesus Christ, what an incredibly gaudy thing for me to say (lol). But that doesn’t make it untrue. Pathos, Pathos’ music is salivatingly ear-catching. Enjoy.

Typically, I’m not really into music in the same vein of Pathos, Pathos — sans Vampire Weekend. Bright vocals, light instrumentation, and love/love-loss lyrics aren’t really my bread and butter — don’t get me wrong, I love singable hooks — but keeping a song fresh by constantly modifying these elements is what always keeps me coming back. Instead of repeating a melody or guitar line to death, Pathos changes tempo or drops instruments in and out. I’m always being introduced to something new, so I never get bored or tire of a particular section.

“Summer Nights” is the epitome of why this formula works. The song starts with straightforward verse; Matthew Walsh’s endearing vocals play nice with Frank Palencia’s lead guitar. This breaks into a pre-chorus where Walsh hits a sweet falsetto and James Murphy (yes, LCD genius is in this band) shifts the drum beat from trot to an open-close hi-hat sway. Both of these parts sound great and blend well. The crux of the song comes next, that “beating refrain” I mentioned earlier. The stripped instrumentals and group shouts of “hey, hey, hey” diverge strongly from the lavish section proceeding. We’re covering a lot of ground for a song that’s less than four minutes long.

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