Fast Preacher Never Leave

Fast Preacher – ‘Never Leave’

Recorded over the span of two years (March 2014 to March 2016), Fast Preacher’s Never Leave is a musical journey. It changes as much as Dan Hanson must have. Dan, of course, is the sole owner of Fast Preacher Inc. and co-singer/sole guitarist in Orlando/Chicago R&B monster Fat Night Co. His latest is all parts rock, roll, R&B, S&M, funk, folk, man, and beast — Who were you two years ago? 

Two years ago I was living in Orion on Orpington, an apartment complex within walking distance of the UCF campus — I know because three years ago I walked home after a failed date with this girl from my LIT 2 class. But two years ago, I was a junior AD/PR student living with a drug dealer. He wasn’t scary. He was actually pretty nice (to me) for being a drug-dealing douchebag. I smoked his blunt roaches, and we played Super Smash Bros and watched The World Cup on the daily that summer. That might explain why I wrote this favorable review of Mac DeMarco’s Salad Days on April 10, 2014.

See Fast Preacher live at The Vinyl Warhol’s Zine Release this Sunday. 

This theme of change is best encapsulated with Never Leave’s longest, the almost six minute “Envy” — a Zeppelin-like evolution in both styling and structure. The song’s instrumental preface rings like Jimmy Page’s classic riff in “Ocean.” The drums are primal and Bonzo-esque <<< probably the most ridiculous  non-word in history. This dissolves into acoustic guitar with thin, echoed vocals. ” The song then morphs again into something Zeppelin could have made if the were twice as far-out. Sensational.

Over its six songs, Never Leave cycles through contemplation, desire, love, and fulfillment (or lack thereof). In “Tell,” Dan searches for “a new distraction.” This comes in the form of affection from another, a love that progresses in the music that follows. Conflict ensues in the title track; he could see himself never wanting to leave while at the same time comparing his relationship to an agitated scratch. So it goes.

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