?!? The Vinyl Warhol & Shows I Go To @ Orlando Fringe Fest ?!? | Wednesday, May 25

This year, Orlando Fringe Fest turns 25. I’m 22. Orlando’s most giving organizers have brought the Orlando music, theater, and art communities together since before I was born. And this year, Orlando music websites The Vinyl Warhol (us) and Shows I Go To (where I serve as Exec. Editor) are throwing a hugeee show on the FREE WPRK Outdoor Stage in Lochaven Park. Come out May 25 to see a stacked lineup (check the bands below) of some of our favorite Orlando musicians. We’ve tailored this show to perfectly fit the outdoor festival ethos, so be ready to grab a beer and soak in the Fringe. Music starts at 7 sharp. Enjoy.


Gary Lazer Eyes (7:00–7:30)

If you recognize the song below, it’s because we premiered it a little less than a month ago. Gary Lazer Eyes are an Orlando quartet making moves into indie/alt rock after a long time in island and ska influenced music. This band features SIGT staff writer Sean Gray. He’s been an incredible addition to the staff, and my favorite work from him is his “Thank You…” series, where he expounds on his love for new releases by his favorite musicians like Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, and Alabama Shakes.

Greyson of Someday River (7:30–8:15)

I am so excited for Grey to play the Fringe Stage. If you’re at all into the Orlando music scene, you know about his indie pscyh three-piece Someday River–he serves as vocalist, guitar, and whatever you call a boy on a drum pad (drummer boy?). They’ve just released their debut EP Sleeping Sideways and have been hitting the Florida market hard with shows. If you haven’t seen Someday River before this is a perfect step into their music. If you have, come see the mystical aura of the band stripped down to its core voice. 

THE STATES (8:30–9:00)

Recently, THE STATES have relocated to Orlando–smart. In the last few months, they’ve been a part of 64 North’s free Monday series and in December played SIGT’s Paris Benefit Art Show. Their sound is light and punchy indie rock, a perfect soundtrack to play as the sun sets on a beautiful Fringe day. SIGT founder Mitchel described them as “all the good parts of Mumford & Sons,” but I’d like to clarify that they’re about X 1000 better than that.

Zap Dragon & The Attack (9:15–9:45)

Zap Dragon has been an elusive force in the Orlando scene for a quite some time now. They pop up and bills with punk bands, indie bands, I’ve even seen them play right before a bluegrass quintet. They’re fronted by “Diamond” David Zimlinghaus, a man with a mouth. “Sicko” was the first song I heard from the band, and Dave’s lyrics felt so angry and real that I could have sworn the song was written about me. “I got a problem with everything and everything’s got a problem with me.”

Pathos, Pathos (10:00–10:45)

Pathos, Pathos be on that OG TVW. I’ve covered these guys for what seems like forever now. They played our first ever show, and I’m beyond excited to see them close Fringe on Wednesday evening. I just saw the four cuties live for the sixth or seventh time and they played a bunch of new tracks off their upcoming Pet Names album. Peak my full review of the project’s first single, “Summer Nights.”


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