Discovering the Real Orlando: An Outline of its Up-And-Coming Music Scene

Orlando is generally known as a sunny town dominated by Mickey Mouse and all the other notable fantasy characters the legendary theme park brings. It’s a magical place where people – especially families – go to embrace imagination and somewhat forget reality for a while. From Denny’s to McDonald’s, it’s also a city that highlights commercial success, giving everyone a significant taste of the American fast food philosophy.

Behind this tourist town façade, however, The City Beautiful carries the dishonor of lacking a culture found in swanky US counterparts like Miami, New York, and Los Angeles.

These abovementioned qualities – as they say – are just the tip of the iceberg in the “actual” Orlando. For us to truly discover its local culture, we have to delve deep into the heart of the city, a place where we’ll find real people making a name outside the typical limelight.

In a time when music is dominated by the likes of Drake and Kanye West, Ariana Grande and Beyoncé, competition for pop culture relevance is at an all time high. If or when done right, notes and lyrics mesh in such a way that they’re both easy on the ear and roll effortlessly off the tongue.

No one can blame anyone if they think music, regardless of genre and medium, should have the primary objective of capturing listeners from the get go. Pocketfruity published an article highlighting Andrew Schartmann’s book about Nintendo’s widely recognized in-game tunes. The piece claims how there’s always more than just a catchy beat, as – like in today’s pop songs – music has to balance the environment and the actual experience.

For these pop music icons, they represent the “greater” Orlando. But for homegrown up-and-comers like Charlie Rose, they embody the “real” heart, an area that shines a beacon of hope to all the dreamers in the industry. This is where we’ll discover the city and all its hidden glory.

Establishments such as Venue 578 are great spots where friends can hang out and listen to raw yet first-rate music. It’s also a place that gives rightful spotlights to the Charlie Roses of the city – and the world, in general. As a matter of fact, last December, the bar formerly known as Club Firestone hosted an event for local artists to showcase their supreme talents.

To say the Orlando music scene vibe is at its peak is an understatement. If we solely base it on thriving concert stages like Venue 578, then we can deem the local setting “hotter than ever.”

Slowly, we’re chipping away at the collective idea of the city, learning and showing everyone how it’s more than just the main Disneyland and the birthplace of Backstreet Boys. By presenting native acts like Charlie Rose plenty of Venue 578s, we’ll ultimately erase the infamous Orlando brand “there is no there, there” and become a legitimate music haven – regardless of mass popularity and genre.

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