PREMIERE: Longtime Punk Christian Padron Resurrects as Sunbeam

Christian Padron has spent years at the back of a band. As a drummer and engineer for ORL punk bands Gross, False Punk, and Direct Effect, he’s been an integral part of the local music scene without garnering as much of a spotlight as the singers of said bands. Now solo under the name Sunbeam, he steps to the front, but in his own way. Unlike the bombastic charisma of False Punk’s Cody Zeigler, Christian himself radiates a mellow vibe–he’s not a traditional frontman. (His personality can easily be exemplified in him always wearing flip flops, no matter the weather.)

The result is Demonstration, a muffled roar. On it, Christian’s voice and instruments vary from aggressive to laid back. And while Demonstration isn’t a complete departure from his punk roots, its sound is much closer to Smashing Pumpkins than False Punk.

Photo by JP Marra.


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