Baby “Weather Girl” @ Ugly Orange House Show

Oh, the memories. At the first ever Ugly Orange house show in July 2016, Kaley Honeycutt’s bright beachy vibes rocked the small room as BABY. Some of my other favorite babies, Always Nothing, captured the infectious “Weather Girl” in a live video that makes shoots the nostalgia right into my heart. Catch their pics from that night here, and see pics from that same night of DONKNG here.

Cover photo by Liv Jonse.


ORL Creative Henderson Nguyen Says Goodbye at Spacebar

Like many local creatives, Henderson Nguyen came to Orlando to study at the University of Central Florida. For his first couple of years, he stuck with the label of “student,” until a block party in the Milk District brought the Orlando arts community into the forefront of his mind. Since then, Henderson has fully submerged himself in the culture, modeling and shooting for local brands (NoXcape & CHROMATIQUE), filming music videos (SugarPlum & TOKYOxP), and creating his own niche as a photographer. His style is perfectly posed, bright images that tell a short, impactful story. One of his favorite subjects to work with is cigarettes; the aesthetic of the object and the multiple connotations — death, counterculture, cool — associated with smoking are all explored in his images. Sadly, this talent is off to LA to pursue his dreams, but he’s leaving us with a bittersweet send-off this Sunday (TODAY) at Spacebar, featuring rapper TEDD.GIF, DJ EMRLDTRACE, and indie pop sweetheart, SugarPlum. 

Featured Image by

Each of the artists performing has deep ties to Henderson and his time in Orlando. TEDD.GIF was instrumental in Hendy’s introduction to the ORL creative community, and he says that the two share similar mindsets when it comes to personal branding. EMRLDTRACE and Henderson went to high school in West Palm Beach and grew close once they started at UCF — and they’re moving to LA together. Henderson heard SugarPlum before anyone else; she had always wanted to give music a shot but wasn’t sure if anyone would listen. We’re lucky she did. He perfectly captured her sunny, colorful persona in his video for her song “All the Time.”


Poster by Maggie Scott.

Henderson plans to keep ORL on his tongue while meeting creatives in Los Angles. He looks forward to seeing the growth of (musicians) TEDD.GIF, SugarPlum, TOKYOxP, Tony Phat, Lanlord, (clothing brands) NoXcape, CHROMATIQUE, Phalse, (photographers) dy_n, daniel moncada, and (promoters) TSA Showcase. Come say goodbye to this awesome dude tonight at Spacebar!





Sweater Fest ticket giveaway

Sweater Fest : 10 Years of Cheer *ticket giveaway*

Lemme tell you a story about Dave Hanson — the brains behind Sweater Fest and Event Coordinator at Spacebar. The man approached The Vinyl Warhol about giving out some tickets (enter below) and releasing interviews with a few of the bands playing the holiday festival’s tenth year (one with sexy space elves PLEASURES is up rn). He ended up going in and getting six full interviews. Since Sweater Fest is this Saturday, and releasing six full interviews seems like overkill, I’ve taken the best bits from everyone and compiled them into a big Sweater Fest sweat fest. Enjoy.


What are some of your favorite Florida/local/bigger bands and why?

DONKNG: “We always love playing with our friends in RV and Slumberjack. Not only because they make amazing music but because it means we get to hang out with them and talk shit at breakfast the next day.”

FayRoy: “After coming back from San Francisco, we were totally seduced with the St. Pete music scene. Sonic Graffiti, Veiny Hands, Johnny Mile and the Kilometers, all the roser house bands, etc. are such crazy good musicians and performers and just genuine awesome people. Orlando mirrors that with Someday River, Day Joy, Thrift House, and Saskatchewan just to name a few. There’s also this Long Island band called Lemon Twigs that we’ve been on a kick with. They’re so good, and so young. Came out of nowhere like a slap in the face.”

Jollan (Luckily I’m The Hunter): “Antarctic is my favorite band from Florida and one of my favorites of all time. They have only released one album, but it’s this amazing instrumental album that moves seamlessly to each track and they have definitely influenced me as a musician, especially with the way they play and write.”

What do you hope people get out of a [insert band name] show?

Will (Luckily I’m The Hunter): “We love for people to let the music consume them as it does us. We hope the listeners are delighted by unexpected sounds and song structuring and hope it gives them a new perspective of what music can be from just a guitarist and drummer.”

Cosmic Roots Collective: “A nagging sense of unease and disorientation, with sporadic bursts of ecstasy and an occasional glimpse into the void.”

DONKNG: “Their kicks.”

FayRoy: “Positivity is probably the ultimate goal. Our music may have dark elements but the subject matter usually results in some sort of triumph or realization.”

What advice do you have for people that want to start a band up?

Cosmic Roots Collective: “Go for it! But remember, a career in air conditioning and refrigeration will most likely provide a steadier income.”

DONKNG: “It’s hard work. Being in a band isn’t that different from being on a road trip with three people who usually disagree, to a certain extent, on the destination. It’s about compromise. The results, if they’re from honest intent, are always worth it. But to quote Maroon 5’s hit song ‘Sunday Morning,’ ‘ITS NOT ALWAYS RAINBOWS AND BUTTERFLIES.'”

Jollan (Luckily I’m The Hunter): “It will never be easy if you want to play something original, but don’t let anyone stop you. Sometimes the time has to be right, but as long as you are willing to sacrifice the time and effort, you can do it. Don’t let anyone stop you, even if you have to be a two-piece band. As Shia Lebeouf says, ‘Just do it!'”

Any strange holiday traditions?

PLEASURES: “It’s the only time of year Roger eats cheese.”

FayRoy: “Every year about this time we buy every tickle me Elmo we can get our hands on and hope it becomes a hot commodity for Christmas again. One of these years were going to make a fortune.”

DONKNG: “Matt keeps bringing Mistletoe to all our practices.”

Cosmic Roots Collective: “We wear animal masks … It’s a pagan thing and entails worshiping megaliths, dressing in Druid robes, and ingesting candle wax.”

IRONING: “I don’t think so.”

What are you looking forward to most about Sweater Fest?

IRONING: “I haven’t seen Blair Sound Design in two and a half years, so that’s exciting. Also stoked to experience sets from people I haven’t heard or seen yet before! “

DONKNG: “We’re excited to be sharing a stage with some really cool acts. We actually keep up with a lot of the artists on the bill (FayRoy, Tiger Fawn, Evil Virgins, Cosmic Roots Collective) on social media so we’re excited to finally experience their music in a live setting… Also, we heard that we get free entry. That’s nice.”

FayRoy:  “… hopefully seeing Joey Davoli’s hairy chest. It’s obligatory.”

FTC 2016: Kissimmee’s Largest Block Party

ORL is hot right now. No one doubts that. But you might be a little surprised to know how hot Kissimmee has been getting over the past year or so. Whether it was a response to Kissimmee kids seeing the Orlando arts scene and wanting a flavor of their own, I don’t know. What I do know is that more creativity flowing around Central Florida is always a good thing and that I always want to be a part of it. In comes FTC Music & Arts, a platform for creatives of all colors. They recently announced FTC 2016a block party with over 30 different artists expressing themselves in whatever way they choose — music, dance, visual arts, tattoos, body painting. It’s happening this Saturday and TVW is honored to be included in the movement. I’ve picked out a handful of the artist’s gracing the event, but know that the talent doesn’t stop here.

FTC Kissimmee






Hypoluxo Orlando band The Vinyl Warhol

The Vinyl Warhol + Ugly Orange Present: Hypoluxo, Wild Pink & RV (photos)

If there was a consistent theme running through Spacebar on Saturday, October 15, I’d say it was symbiosis — i.e. a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups. Whether it was Brooklyn and Orlando, Ugly Orange and The Vinyl Warhol, friends who haven’t seen each other in months/years, or new people coming together over a common interest, there was a wave of togetherness that was nice to be a part of — pardon my sappiness. Thanks to everyone who came out. Good luck to Hypoluxo and Wild Pink on their respective tours. ORL, keep an eye out for RV. If you want more info on the bands look here. Yeah. Enjoy.

RV Orlando The Vinyl Warhol

RV Orlando The Vinyl Warhol

RV Orlando The Vinyl Warhol

RV Orlando The Vinyl Warhol

RV Orlando The Vinyl Warhol

RV Orlando The Vinyl Warhol














Ugly Orange The Vinyl Warhol Spacebar

TVW + UO bring together BKLYN + ORL this Saturday at Spacebar

I can’t sing enough praise about Orlando bookers Ugly Orange. In less than a year, the trio of Nicole Dvorak, Hannah Fregger, and Kaley Honeycutt have built a brand that has elevated our creative community and the up-and-coming bands/musicians in it. Additionally, they’ve attracted touring acts from throughout the country to come play in Florida’s cultural hub. So when these ORL gems came to lil ol’ Warhol saying that we should do show together with two rising Brooklyn bands, I, I … I teared up a bit. The collaboration comes together this Saturday at Spacebar. Not only do you get three great bands, but everyone through the door will be gifted with an orange-themed mini zine. Enjoy.

Featured Image by Kaley Honeycutt.

Hypoluxo (BKLYN)

Did you get sand in my Joy Division? I’ve never been to the beaches in NYC, but I can only imagine that Hypoluxo sounds like an overcast, NYC beach day feels. This foursome just dropped their debut album If Language through Broken Circles, premiering on UK music blog GoldFlakePaint. The low, distressed voice of Samuel Cogen gives the release a personal feel; I lean in to hear his sadness over the beach gloom.

Wild Pink (BKLYN)

Listening to Wild Pink’s third EP 4 Songs — premiered last week on Stereogum — one gets a brief exploration through the band’s pallet. “4th of July” starts the album on a solemn, acoustic note, pointing in the same direction throughout. The next song starts with a little more vitality and builds with thumbing drums into a crashing, mid-tempo anthem. But by the end of “Forlim Chop” the Tiny Engines’s trio reach new levels of fuzz-fueled aggression.


In a very brief amount of time, RV built up quite the buzz in the Orlando music community. They’ve shared some great bills at Spacebar and Uncle Lou’s, and were both Ugly Orange and The Vinyl Warhol’s first pick to share the night with the bands above. I was convinced after hearing their impressive three-track demo, the only music RV has released up to this point. The electric drums paired with Mac DeMarco slacker guitar and poppy melodies are an enjoyable listen to anyone with post-hurricane blues.

RSVP 2 Ugly Orange X The Vinyl Warhol Present: Hypoluxo, Wild Pink & RV!

Overture of The Vanguard: Aggarwal & Som evoke a response from The Approachable

Rollins Cornell Fine Arts Museum is surrounded by Western masterpieces on loan. Taking a seat against these masturbating religious pose is The New Narrative, starved for a response. In their first collaboration — Vidhu Aggarwal’s* brilliant crafting of Hump (noun/adjective) from her futurist poetry book  The Trouble with Humpadori and Bishakh Som’s** mastermind comix — the two attack the approachability of American art.

Enthralled, anxious and oozing from the veracity, the audience witnesses parasitical machines, non-binary humanoids that fuse with spoken word noise collages, and obscene popism. It’s a mutant of the hybrid text and image. This mixture of comix and poetry is not a new concept. The challenge presented to the narrative by Aggarwal and Som is.

Robbing mythology at birth, this ferocious performance inject the shameless multi-dimensionality of their work into the audience. Aggarwal & Som’s perverse undertones comment on Bollywood symbolism, post-colonial allegories and our personal entanglement with space and time. Their charismatic persistence against the canonical separates the tradition between performer and observer/professor and student. Abstract film is played over a projector; the audience memorized. Aggarwal echoes her voice in real time, again disputing the separation from signifier to signified. Theatrical, the playback gestures from Aggarwal and Som provoke  the audience to hinge onto their every word. A monotone choir recites behind Aggarwal’s slivering liquid tongue:

“Little universes, at the smallest possibly surface area and skin, damaged void trickle in.”

Aggarwal and Som’s text buddle visions allow for the body to divorce time and salivate from the glory of this neo-canonical performance.  Never today, always next, the mantra set by the gorgeous grotesque. Her exemplary blends of images and text triggers eye dilating refinement that shifted the collective audience hive mind; This it was group learning.

I too, have learned  Hump.

*Vidhu Aggarwal is the founding editor of SPECS, a hybrid poet, and the author of The Trouble with Humpadori.

**Bishakh Som is Général of The Quantum Now. She’s a talented  illustrator who’s been  featured in Hi-Horse, Boston Review, Graphic Canon, and SPECS. She disrupts the traditional narrative of gender, sexuality, memory and urbanism.

Overture of The Vanguard: Vidhu Aggarwal & Bishakh Som evoke a response from The Approachable by Andres Andrade

Ugly Orange Pop Up Orlando

Ugly Orange Presents: Orange Punch! A Pop-Up Series Vol. 2 (photos)

In the span of a few months, Ugly Orange has organized a slew of notable Orlando shows sporting local and touring acts. Their stomping grounds has been The Milk District’s Spacebar, but in October UO spreading their tailored events to Uncle Lou’s and Will’s Pub. Between packed, sweaty shows we’ve been witness to the subtle, acoustic pop-up shows dubbed Orange Punch!.

The first was held at dusk in the front yard of co-organizer Hannah. The second was last Sunday’s family brunch, topped off with mimosas and adult iced-coffee. Four voices accompanied by acoustic guitar sang until mid-afternoon. Grove Wanderer and Julia Joyce reverberated inside a wooden shed before the heat pushed the party outside for Greyson Charnock (Someday River) and Andrew Corbit (Slumberjack).

Keep an eye out for the next edition of Orange Punch–it’ll sneak up on ya. And if you’d like to get your dose of vitamin C sooner, come to Spacebar this Thursday for Ugly Orange Presents / Slumberjack / Teen Divorce / DON KNG.































TMD Pop-Up: Premium Spirits at The Social

In December of last year, a dance music event held at Spacebar turned The Milk District venue into a rave of free people speaking the Queens. ORL DJs both fresh-faced and familiar played a night spanning Great Britain’s musical underground; genres like deep house and garage shared the speakers with the grime stylings of Dizzee Rascal and Skepta. The event was called TMD UK. And we were given access for $1.

Fast forward to now and the DJ collective–known only by three consonants “TMD” and their signature smile face–has greatly surpassed the vision its members began with. At least once a month, TMD holds a curated event where people lose their shit. These nights never stale due to the constantly rotating lineup of resident DJs, collaborators, and guests, all sharing their particular tastes. And because this group has always wanted to deliver the best and newest music to the most people possible, events have never cost more than $1 to attend.

This Saturday, TMD will hold their second event at The Social–the first branded entirely under their name–TMD Pop-Up: Premium Spirits at The Social. Two resident DJs will pair with guests from fellow ORL collectives LABWRK and Talk Yo Shit and trap producer, LanlordCollectin. Both fog and drinks will flow as we dance to the finest in premium spirits, served by six of Orlando’s best DJs. Dissect the lineup below. Enjoy.

Blair Sound Design (TMD)

Blair recently moved back to Orlando after some time in Tallahassee. He played TMD’s Combination 2 as the guest that night, but fell in love with our burgeoning dance scene, moved back, and joined TMD. As a Outsider house producer, Blair’s music has spread all throughout Europe, and he is set to have his first vinyl pressing later this year via French Press Lounge, his own imprint under London’s Lobster Distribution.

Beau R. (TMD)

Beau has better taste than you. He can pull music from any era of dance music and make you fall in love with something you never knew existed. He DJed under the moniker ’07 CHEV at TMD UK, and is ready to represent the smile boys with driving house and techno beats.

FIONA (Talk Yo Shit)


“Lanlord, what’s happenin’?” When I first met Lanlord he was promoting his then upcoming mixtape with local Soundcloud rapper, TEDD.GIF. He laid the ground that Ted went ape shit on; his tight, hype instrumentals pushed the MC to his most hype. As a DJ, he forces the crowd to perform similarily.

Grape La Flame (Talk Yo Shit)





Swept, The Knick-Knacks, Dumberbunnies, & The Zigs

I’ve slept on Swept. It’s unfortunate because the boys are representing my hometown of Lakeland, FL and make some seriously weird lo-fi rock jamz. Joining them at Spacebar are Melbourne’s grade A band-of-choice The Knick-Knacks and two Orlando Frankenstein’s monsters Dumberbunnies (Transcendental Telecom, Butterqueen, & The Wooley Bushmen) and The Zigs (Zap Dragon & The Die Tryin’s). All the money made from ticket sales will go to the families of the victims of the Pulse Orlando tragedy. 

more info.


Fundraiser for The Orlando Center

This shows the strength of Orlando. As soon as Whatever, Dudes Productions heard about the shooting, they sprung into action and organized a fundraiser at St. Matthew’s Tavern. Not only did they book a great show, these unionized punks also pulled many, many Florida businesses together for an auction to benefit The Orlando Center–Smartpunk, Park Ave CDs, Dandelion Communitea Cafe, and Shows I Go To to name a few. And this lineup! Rehaser’s first show since 2003. Teen Agers. Suck Brick Kid. Vicious Dreams. You’ll be surprised at how much healing happens in a mosh pit.

more info.

Tiger Fawn & Wounded Shadow

Tiger Fawn’s eccentric loops and booty shakin’ songs match her colorful personality and live performance–with actual booty shakin’. The Falcon has long been her perch and every time she plays there, people go wild. I’ve been on tour with this animal. I’ve made music videos with this animal. I know her. She’s untamed. With her is Wounded Shadow, whom I know nothing about. But with that TF co-sign, it’s going to be good. This is a free show but TF will be taking donations to benefit The Orlando Center

more info.

Duo or Do Not

One92 is a news and culture website that covers Kissimmee happenings. They’ve been big supporters of TVW and kick so much ass at what they do. This Friday, they’re coming to Orlando to take over Uncle Lou’s with a bunch of magnificent twos (two-pieces). I’m talkin’ The Dull Blades, In Decatur, The Death Tremors, and Disasteroids. The show is free, but they will be taking donations for these buttons. Proceeds go to “the victims and medical professionals who are currently dealing with this crisis.”

more info.

Thrash Life

Now, I suck at skateboarding so there is no chance that I will be participating in the game of skate happening in The Milk District at 5 p.m. But I will be participating in the dancing that will occurring in Sandwich Bar and Spacebar starting at 10. In between those two happenings, you can check out some vendors (Retro Neon Records, Plus Skateshop, Vita Luna Cafe, etc.). Everything is being put on by some lovely people, East Coast Plumbing, who will be taking donations. Vita Luna is also donating 100% of their profits. This is amazing!

fiona trapple
native feel
alex clements (tmd)
allen clark (tmd)
harryson thevenin (tmd/ retro neon)
farewell set by jai biotic

more info.


BT Three Year Anniversary 

Body//Talk will keep dancing. Orlando will keep dancing. Because that’s what we do. We are not afraid. So come dance. Dance with Jacksonville’s queer electronic band, TOMBOI. Dance with the indie rock bliss that is Boxing At The Zoo. Dance all over The Milk District. B//T are dancing with purpose. And they refuse to stop.

more info.