FayRoy Take My Eyes Video

FayRoy Barter with Death in the “Take My Eyes” Video

The last FayRoy music video I covered was really mysterious. The visuals were esoteric, moody, and subtle. The song itself, “LIFE OR DEATH,” contained the line “It’s these lessons that we learn can be hard and not immediately clear.” For their just released single and video, the Saint Petersburg duo instead craft a story that is word-for-word translated before our eyes — eyes that are then stripped away by an evil spirit to spare our soul.

Inspired by an episode of The Twilight Zone, “Take My Eyes” tells the tale of two men as they come face-to-face with death himself. Drew, guitar/vocals for St Pete band Sonic Graffiti, begs on his hands and knees before choosing to lose his eyes over his ears. Vocalist Zack Hoag concurs in the chorus, “I’d rather live in the dark, then the thought of living without a song. So take my eyes.”

The other man, played by drummer Kyle Fournier, is kind of like a crack addict but with books. He decides to instead lose his hearing. But as deals with the devil usually go, both men end up dead as death goes on a rampage, killing the band just for kicks.

The Fay-boyz have a few ORL dates in December. Catch them Dec 17 at Sweater Fest and Dec 28 with the reunited Le Blorr, Saskatchewan, and Tiger Fawn at Will’s Pub.

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FIONA Releases “Sight For Sore Eyes” video | GOLDBABY out Nov 18

The artist formerly known as Mr. 3 is having a great November. FIONA dropped “Galaxies” on Wednesday through EARMILK and graced Mass Appeal today with the video for the glittery, R&B-tinged single, “Sight For Sore Eyes.” Produced by ORL artistic collective Always Nothing, the moody visual is full of colorful shadows, both eerie and bright at the same time. FIONA mopes around his house party, bummed that his love interest (played by ORL looping empress Tiger Fawn) showed up dancing on another man. He raps confident bars throughout the song, elevating this woman and all her imperfections. FIONA is even approached by another woman but shows absolutely no interest in anyone other than his “Sight For Sor Eyes.”

DVWEZ Haunted music video orlando

DVWEZ – “Haunted” (music video)

DVWEZ (pronounced “Dames”) is a soothing ORL songstress who mixes synthpop, R&B, and electronic music into a wispy brew. “Haunted” comes from her debut PASTELS EP, released earlier this year through Drogue Records. Enjoy.

I often gauge a music video based on how it pairs with its song. In the case of “Haunted,” the two meld in a way that makes you question how one ever existed without the other. The visuals by Joe DeSantis are lucid as they flow with the songs cool production. The contrast is high as light seeps through the window behind DVWEZ, emotions flash similarly through her gentle voice. DVWEZ is as smooth as the synths; each line in the hook effortlessly trickles into the next.

Videos to Pee your Pants to.

It’s Halloween. Time for some scary music videos. That’s all I got. Enjoy.

Want to know what I dressed as this Halloween? Head over to The Vinyl Warhol’s Twitter, and find out.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Y Control”


Children ripping out their innards, and cutting off their appendages. Spike Jonze really knows how to direct a music video, and this is downright disturbing. Also Yeah Yeah Yeahs are an incredible band, and this is probably my favorite of their songs.

Kanye West ft. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and Nicki Minaj – “Monster”


Kanye as Indiana Jones, Jay-Z as The Godfather, Nicki Minaj as Dracula, and Rick Ross as Snorlax, this video has it all.
Note: I can rap this song in it’s entirety.

Tool – “Schism”


I could have picked any Tool video, their all unsettling. Fuck this video and the way it makes me feel.

Lady Gaga – “Bad Romance”


“Bad Romance” isn’t that scary, but I think it’s good for Halloween. The costume design is amazing, and the coreography is perfect. It’s about Gaga being sold as a prostitute, and she ultimately burns someone alive with her sex. Happy Halloween!

New Videos from Daft Punk, The Knife, and Chipotle?

Today is all about music videos. That’s all I have to say. Enjoy.

Daft Punk- ‘Lose Yourself to Dance’

The video for Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” follow-up, “Lose Yourself to Dance”, combines robots with Studio 54. Both, Nile Rodger and Pharrell Williams show up to get down with the Random Access Memories duo, in a video that is sure to keep the keep the funk alive. The whole crew is decked out in suits that could make Micheal Jackson’s glove wince, while fans reach up to touch the hottest hit-makers of the year. This video seems to be following the  trend of vintage looking music videos for big pop songs. Bruno Mars recently did the same in the videos for “Treasure” and “When I Was Your Man”

Listen to Random Access Memories on Spotify.

The Knife- ‘Let’s Talk About Gender Baby, Let’s Talk About You and Me’

In what seems to be a sequel to Itunes’ Visualizer, The Knife has released a video for “Let’s Talk About Gender Baby, Let’s Talk About You and Me”, a remix of their own song “Full of Fire”, off of Shaking the Habitual. The song, reminiscent of 90’s house/rave music, flows well over the video, making the viewer feel like they’re floating around in a lava lamp. Lips, covered in various venereal diseases, pop up throughout the video to recite the song title. The song is great, and the video is just weird enough to work.

Hear more from The Knife.

Fiona Apple- ‘Pure Imagination’

What do you get when you combine Fiona Apple, Willy Wonka, and Chipotle? According to this clip, me crying in the corner for a half hour. Chipotle released this short film, entitled The Scarecrow, to warn consumers of genetically mutated foods. Set over Fiona Apple’s rendition of ‘Pure Imagination’, orginaly from the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this video will make you hurt.