Side C - "bitter//sweet"

Side C – “bitter//sweet”

Side C is the moniker of Orlando producer, Kevin Cruz. Kevin is the guy at the front of the stage with the dope flat top, dancing like he’s got the fever. As Side C, he ices that fever and turns it into cool, groovy, expansive instrumentals. His latest is “bitter//sweet.”

The initial elements of the song are minimalist tones that float above a sample of crashing waves. Before the ticking beat is introduced at 0:25, I’m pulled into the same headspace that Brian Eno evokes: calm introspection. I don’t stay there for long, though. The song is filled-in with the aforementioned beat, dreamy melodies, and gentle cymbals.

Two minutes in, the music fades. Pieces slowly drop out until we’re left with the few sounds we had at beginning, bringing the song to its apparent end. But silence only lasts a second, and we are introduced to a short, ice cream truck-like jingle. This is again built upon. The whole story feels like an entire day spent unknotting at the beach.

The tart side of “bitter//sweet” is that it serves as Kevin’s farewell to Orlando. This is expressed in the soulful keys and emotive flute of the second half. It’s an overall happy send-off, but is slightly tinged with sadness, kind of like driving back to home after our day at the beach. I have no doubt Cruz will continue to make great music in the future, and he’ll always be covered in the stench that is Orlando. It doesn’t watch off.

Caribou – “Can’t Do Without You” (Remixes)

Caribou’s album Our Love has been on non-stop as of late. The opener “Can’t Do Without You” is undoubtedly one of the best tracks of 2014, these remixes by Lenno, Munk & The Black Loops, and Tale Of Us & Mano Le Tough are as infectious. I couldn’t choose one, so you got three. Which is your favorite? Enjoy.

Caribou is playing at The Social next Tuesday! I’ll be there, so should you.

The Original:


Spies on Bikes – Speakermix Vol 11.

Spies on Bikes is the stage name of Cleveland music producer, Nathan Cochran. He is currently signed to Orlando-based electronic label Relief In Abstract, which is how I found out about Cochran and this mix. If you never thought you would enjoy listening to a mashup of Mystikal and the Bee Gees, or Katy Perry and the Baja Men, then be prepared to beg for forgiveness. For 28 minutes, Spies on Bikes mashes all your favorite guilty pleasures into one deliciously enjoyable music smoothie. Enjoy.

SALES – “toto (XXYYXX Remix)”

An Orlando producer shapes his own version of an already great track, originally created by a fellow Orlando act. The result is refreshing. Listen to the original below, and catch SALES next week at Will’s with Maximino, Pathos Pathos, and The Welzeins. Enjoy.

Arms and Sleepers – “Tiger Tempo”

This song has its own atmosphere. The sweeping synths feel endless whilst the clattering of the percussion fills up the empty space. I’m just going to get lost in this one for a while. If you too like what you hear, then stay stunned, because the duo’s new album Swim Team is out October 28. Enjoy.