Pretty Sad – “Pretty Sad EP” & Internet Recording Methods

I just happened upon the debut EP from European lo-fi pop act Pretty Sad, whose music has been accurately labeled, “sadwave.” I’ve so vaguely described the band as European, because its three members span the Continent, hailing from Denmark, Scotland, and The United Kingdom. With the help of Dropbox and Garageband, the band crafted a striking debut; three delightfully airy songs for your continuously cooling surroundings.

The curious side of me is stimulated at the thought of the band’s recording methods. Question: In the future, are most musical releases going to be made like this? Coincidentally enough, I was recently pitched a social media platform for musicians. The concept allowed people to upload a piece of music, and ask other members of the site for a drum line or a bass line. Together, they could build a song using The Internet. I’m not going to name the organization because I really didn’t like that it was a paid membership, but I’m intrigued by their premise.

Pretty Sad seem to make it work. I think the EP sounds great. And if we can get social media service – preferably free – where great talent can find other great talent, then I’m all for it. Enjoy.

Fred Thomas – “Pumpkin Seeds”

Sit back. Let it all soak in. Listen to the soft strums of the guitar. The echoing voice of Fred Thomas sways like a gentle breeze. This isn’t new – it’s off of Thomas’ 2012 album Night Times – but as the hellish Florida weather begins to show mercy, it is fitting. I just want to melt into this song. And I’m glad to read the word “pumpkin” without it being followed by the word “spice.” Enjoy.