Nik Talbot – “Switchblade Silhouette”

“Switchblade Silhouette” is an audiobook EP by singer-songwriter Nik Talbot. Nik’s LinkedIn page says that his day-job is singing and playing guitar in The Dull Blades. Legend goes, the Melbourne duo were in the midst of recording their second album, when Talbot hit creative oil and began forming the idea that would become “Switchblade Silhouette”.

Not quite audiobook, not quite EP, this conceptual western is a mix of scripted dialogue and song. Each track is introduced by a short scene that pieces together the overall narrative. Talbot pulls his best John Wayne meets Raoul Duke in the main character, Felix Blisskill. Felix is chasing The American Dream and hopes to find it in a desert. Drugs are his tour guide.

The music itself doesn’t stray too far from The Dull Blades’ usual fuzzed-out twang. Talbot’s vocals add to the story’s atmosphere; it’s as if Rango picked up a Big Muff. As for Felix’s American Dream, it fades into the dust while he repeatedly sings, “I’m going to leave this road behind.” Enjoy.