Soapbox Soliloquy - "Besiege My Keep" Video

Soapbox Soliloquy – ‘Closeface//Ghostface’ ep

There’s sort of mutual respect between psychedelic dreampop and sweltering heat. The light guitars and blurred vocals always seem to be my soundtrack to melt to. Maybe this realization is only coming out because I’m currently listening to the new Soapbox Soliloquy while sitting outside in minimal shade, but after the heatstroke kicks in and my bones dissolve, I’ll be a happy puddle of goo.  

Soapbox Soliloquy is the monicker of St. Pete singer-songwriter, Jasmine Deja. I really dug the EP, Clothed in Cost, she released last summer, and since then, she’s come out with two more, the most recent being late-July’s Closeface//Ghostface. Deja is more monumental than ever on this new EP. A huge chunk of the acoustic strumming has been replaced with walls of clanging guitars, and the vocals are more prominent in the mix, varying from Ty Segall-esque wails to ghostly hums.  

Tomorrow, Soapbox Soliloquy is playing a show at Space Station with fellow St. Pete fam, Sonic Graffiti, and Orlando’s fuzz alien, Timothy Eerie. I could be wrong, but this may be the first time she’s played in Orlando. Either way, it’s free, so yeah. Enjoy.