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The Vinyl Warhol + Ugly Orange Present: Hypoluxo, Wild Pink & RV (photos)

If there was a consistent theme running through Spacebar on Saturday, October 15, I’d say it was symbiosis — i.e. a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups. Whether it was Brooklyn and Orlando, Ugly Orange and The Vinyl Warhol, friends who haven’t seen each other in months/years, or new people coming together over a common interest, there was a wave of togetherness that was nice to be a part of — pardon my sappiness. Thanks to everyone who came out. Good luck to Hypoluxo and Wild Pink on their respective tours. ORL, keep an eye out for RV. If you want more info on the bands look here. Yeah. Enjoy.

RV Orlando The Vinyl Warhol

RV Orlando The Vinyl Warhol

RV Orlando The Vinyl Warhol

RV Orlando The Vinyl Warhol

RV Orlando The Vinyl Warhol

RV Orlando The Vinyl Warhol














Ugly Orange The Vinyl Warhol Spacebar

TVW + UO bring together BKLYN + ORL this Saturday at Spacebar

I can’t sing enough praise about Orlando bookers Ugly Orange. In less than a year, the trio of Nicole Dvorak, Hannah Fregger, and Kaley Honeycutt have built a brand that has elevated our creative community and the up-and-coming bands/musicians in it. Additionally, they’ve attracted touring acts from throughout the country to come play in Florida’s cultural hub. So when these ORL gems came to lil ol’ Warhol saying that we should do show together with two rising Brooklyn bands, I, I … I teared up a bit. The collaboration comes together this Saturday at Spacebar. Not only do you get three great bands, but everyone through the door will be gifted with an orange-themed mini zine. Enjoy.

Featured Image by Kaley Honeycutt.

Hypoluxo (BKLYN)

Did you get sand in my Joy Division? I’ve never been to the beaches in NYC, but I can only imagine that Hypoluxo sounds like an overcast, NYC beach day feels. This foursome just dropped their debut album If Language through Broken Circles, premiering on UK music blog GoldFlakePaint. The low, distressed voice of Samuel Cogen gives the release a personal feel; I lean in to hear his sadness over the beach gloom.

Wild Pink (BKLYN)

Listening to Wild Pink’s third EP 4 Songs — premiered last week on Stereogum — one gets a brief exploration through the band’s pallet. “4th of July” starts the album on a solemn, acoustic note, pointing in the same direction throughout. The next song starts with a little more vitality and builds with thumbing drums into a crashing, mid-tempo anthem. But by the end of “Forlim Chop” the Tiny Engines’s trio reach new levels of fuzz-fueled aggression.


In a very brief amount of time, RV built up quite the buzz in the Orlando music community. They’ve shared some great bills at Spacebar and Uncle Lou’s, and were both Ugly Orange and The Vinyl Warhol’s first pick to share the night with the bands above. I was convinced after hearing their impressive three-track demo, the only music RV has released up to this point. The electric drums paired with Mac DeMarco slacker guitar and poppy melodies are an enjoyable listen to anyone with post-hurricane blues.

RSVP 2 Ugly Orange X The Vinyl Warhol Present: Hypoluxo, Wild Pink & RV!

Stuyedeyed – ‘Cursed’

Back in March, we did a show/fundraiser called WE ARE ANIMALS. Right after the show was announced, RJ from Witch Kings/The Welzeins told me he knew a touring-band that was looking for a gig in Orlando. So, he sent me their album. Stuyedeyed’s fuzz-stained psychedelia felt like taking a lava lamp to the face. And at the show, they kept us out late with the most energetic set that’s ever taken place at 4AM. These Brooklynites have just released a new three song EP, Cursed. Just as I’ve gotten the last of the glass out of my gums, they hit me again. Enjoy.

Stuyedeyed (Brooklyn, NY ) added to WE ARE ANIMALS

If you’ve been boycotting us over the last few weeks, or just never liked us to begin with, then WE ARE ANIMALS probably means nothing to you. And that’s fine. I’m not really a fan of this site’s output either. But, WE ARE ANIMALS is our first show (3/21 @ The Space), featuring Witch Kings, Tiger Fawn, Pasty Cline, Pathos, Pathos and – just added – Brooklyn psychedelic savants, Stuyedeyed. If you’d like to become a more informed consumer, read more into WE ARE ANIMALS and RSVP. Enjoy.

It’s a great surprise to have Stuyedeyed on board with this show. They’re coming into Orlando a little sooner than they expected – they have another show on 3/22 – and were looking for a place to play. So, take a minute and melt into the lava-esque sounds flowing through their debut album Birth, and come see them close out The Space. I say the more the merrier. What do you think?