Hometown Heroes: Case Work appear on Off the Avenue, Will’s show tonight w/ Day Joy

It’s always good to write about Orlando. In the hellish heat of the summer, the only comfort for Orlandoians (yes, that’s what we’re called. I checked) lies in the paradise of Orlando music. Case Work is one of those bands. Enjoy.

TONIGHT: Day Joy, Case Work, Maximino, & A_RK @ Will’s Pub

In preparation for their show with Day Joy, Maximino, and A_RK at Will’s Pub, local indie rock collective Case Work dropped in on North Avenue Studios’ for their in-studio video series, Off the Avenue. While at North Avenue, the band played two new songs: “Slow Down” and “Dancing Shadows.”

The former:r a jangly, mid-tempo, indie rock dream, chocked full of “Aah”s. Lead singer/rhythm guitarist, Chandler Strang coos, “Sunshine in my eye. Sunshine on your skin.” Swoon.

The latter: a flowing lava lamp of emotion. Strang sings now with sorrow. Greyson Charnock lays down some seamless guitar leads that add to the overall airy quality of the song. Man’s got chops.

Check out an interview Case Work did with Orlando Weekly.

If you like what you hear, and missed my two obvious plugs, Case Work is playing a show TONIGHT @ Will’s. Tickets are $7 at the door. I’ve taken the liberty to include some videos from Day Joy and Maximino respectively. Damnit, I’m good.