Daft Punk – “Something About Us (Emiljo A.C. Remix)”

There are so many great samples on this remix. It’s a slow, yet incredibly infectious, ride. Enjoy.

Throwback Thursday: Daft Punk – “Face to Face”

Like Instagram, but with tasty jamz. Enjoy.

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From the infectious robots’ 2001 landmark album Discovery, “Face to Face” is an upbeat groovy machine and one of the album’s greatest highlights. And on an album full of highlights, that’s saying something. If the video confuses you, that’s because you’re only seeing a piece of the puzzle. In a 2005 collaboration with Daft Punk, Japanese filmmaker Kazuhisa Takenouchi featured Discovery as the soundtrack to the animated film Interstella 5555.  Watch all of Interstella 5555 here!


Musical Ramblings: The Grammys

If you were unaware, or like most people you didn’t care, “music’s biggest night” was last night. But, I did watch The Grammys, and found it a, more or less, entertaining evening. So here are some of my thoughts about the winners, the performances, and The Grammys as an institution. Enjoy.

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Who got lucky?

Every year I feel like The Grammys slip more and more into irrelevance. With the explosion of the internet, there has never been more accessible music, and 99% of it is excluded from Grammy nominations. Even some the most praised albums of last year (ie. Yeezus, Modern Vampires of the City, Reflektor, … Like Clockwork) received little recognition from The Recording Academy. That, along with the fact that “artists” like The Baha Men, Katy Perry, and Lil Wayne are all Grammy winners, makes The Grammys reputation for good music go right down the toilet. Okay, enough ranting, let’s get to the show.

Despite the paragraph above, I actually really enjoyed The Grammys this year. The night started off with Beyonce and Jay Z performing a steaming rendition of “Drunk in Love”. The two of them had multiple cute moments throughout the evening, the best being Jay’s acceptance speech, where he thanked his wife for bringing Baby Blue into the world. Feels for days.

Throughout the rest of the night, there were performances of varying levels of boredom, peaking with Taylor Swift’s performance, which made me want to eat a gun. Even the “oh so amazing” Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr performance was pretty lame. They didn’t even play a Beatles song, and Ringo wasn’t even the only drummer on the stage. Oh Ringo.

By far the best everything of the night was Daft Punk. Their performance with Pharrell, Stevie Wonder, and Nile Rodgers was incredible. I’m pretty sure it’s the only moment in history where Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, and John Legend were dancing to the same song. Remarkable.

I want to quickly mention the “What the Fuck?” Macklemore & Friends performance. When the gates of heaven opened up, revealing Queen Latifah and Madonna I lost it. The wedding ceremony was sweet, but even more amazing is the fact that Queen Latifah is a licensed reverend and there is a person that goes by the name of Trombone Shorty.

Oh yeah, and people won awards. Robot Rock.

New Videos from Daft Punk, The Knife, and Chipotle?

Today is all about music videos. That’s all I have to say. Enjoy.

Daft Punk- ‘Lose Yourself to Dance’

The video for Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” follow-up, “Lose Yourself to Dance”, combines robots with Studio 54. Both, Nile Rodger and Pharrell Williams show up to get down with the Random Access Memories duo, in a video that is sure to keep the keep the funk alive. The whole crew is decked out in suits that could make Micheal Jackson’s glove wince, while fans reach up to touch the hottest hit-makers of the year. This video seems to be following the  trend of vintage looking music videos for big pop songs. Bruno Mars recently did the same in the videos for “Treasure” and “When I Was Your Man”

Listen to Random Access Memories on Spotify.

The Knife- ‘Let’s Talk About Gender Baby, Let’s Talk About You and Me’

In what seems to be a sequel to Itunes’ Visualizer, The Knife has released a video for “Let’s Talk About Gender Baby, Let’s Talk About You and Me”, a remix of their own song “Full of Fire”, off of Shaking the Habitual. The song, reminiscent of 90’s house/rave music, flows well over the video, making the viewer feel like they’re floating around in a lava lamp. Lips, covered in various venereal diseases, pop up throughout the video to recite the song title. The song is great, and the video is just weird enough to work.

Hear more from The Knife.

Fiona Apple- ‘Pure Imagination’

What do you get when you combine Fiona Apple, Willy Wonka, and Chipotle? According to this clip, me crying in the corner for a half hour. Chipotle released this short film, entitled The Scarecrow, to warn consumers of genetically mutated foods. Set over Fiona Apple’s rendition of ‘Pure Imagination’, orginaly from the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this video will make you hurt.