HONNE – “Warm On A Cold Night” (Fallen Remix)

You may remember that I raved about this song a month or so ago. Well, it just got a seriously grooved-out remix by someone named Fallen. I don’t know who that is; I wish I did, so I could properly thank them. When those low bass notes hit during chorus, everything feels right. Enjoy.

Ghosthouse – “Carry On”

OOOooo scary! Ghosts! It’s Halloween. But, these ghost don’t want to spook; they want to party. Do you feel that bass? It’s not frightening, but it will definitely send shivers up your spine. Is that a fucking disco guitar solo? You’re damn right! Let’s exorcise those funking demons! Chicago boys Ghosthouse are all about fun, and I am very much about it. “I can be your Clark Kent, baby. You can be my Louis Lane.” Carry on boys! Enjoy.

Get down at Ghosthouse’s Soundcloud!

Spies on Bikes – Speakermix Vol 11.

Spies on Bikes is the stage name of Cleveland music producer, Nathan Cochran. He is currently signed to Orlando-based electronic label Relief In Abstract, which is how I found out about Cochran and this mix. If you never thought you would enjoy listening to a mashup of Mystikal and the Bee Gees, or Katy Perry and the Baja Men, then be prepared to beg for forgiveness. For 28 minutes, Spies on Bikes mashes all your favorite guilty pleasures into one deliciously enjoyable music smoothie. Enjoy.

25 Days to Bonnaroo: Jonathan Toubin

If you’re going to Bonnaroo to shake, rattle, and roll, then I suggest you make it to a set by DJ Jonathan Toubin. The man is sure to have you movin’ and a groovin’ for some time. Ya Dig? Enjoy.

Thinking of a Bonnaroo artist I need to know about? Shoot me a comment, email (matt@thevinylwarhol.com), carrier pigeon and let me know.

Jonathan Toubin – Sunday, June 15 2:30 A.M & 5:00 P.M. – Silent Disco

Here’s what the holy people setting up Bonnaroo had to say, “NEW YORK NIGHT TRAIN is the party machine of dynamic DJ/nightlife visionary Jonathan Toubin who is currently changing the world one wild 45rpm hoodang at a time! Making life a spicier [place] by prompting folks to dance at rock shows, bars, art galleries, and other places that used to be no fun.” Now if that confuses you as much as it confused me let me try to explain: Jonathan Toubin is a DJ who spins classic soul 45″s and gets people to be on there baddest behavior. He’s playing two, three hour sets, so there is no excuse to miss doing the twist at some point at Bonnaroo.

Weekend Anthem: Rudimental – “Baby (feat. MNEK & Sinead Harnett)”

I’ve been listening to this song nonstop this week, and although it’s from last year, I had to make it this weekend’s anthem. Without further adieu, “Baby”. Enjoy.

The song comes in with this cool vibe, and builds slowly, exploding in pop havoc. MNEK’s soulful voice amazes me, and combined with Harnett’s repetitive “Baby…,” your ears will be very pleased.