Dilly Dally - "Desire" Video

Dilly Dally – “Desire” Video

My first affair with soft grunge babies [voice: affectionate], Dilly Dally, was their October 2014 track, “Green.” It’s a great song. check it out. They’ve released a few new tracks since then (also great), announced their debut full-length, Sore, and now, have appeared in their first music video for that album’s first single, “Desire.”

Chocolate legs are danglin’ from the skies, I get (Desire)
Milky waves are fallin’ from her eyes, I get (Desire)”

Although Dilly Dally are clear subscribers to the 90’s school of thought, dismissing them as off kilter 90’s revivalists is wicked and unfair. Because they’re more. Katie Monks growls like a reanimated Layne Staley whose jaw has rotten off. That allusion may be in poor taste, but try not to agree. Her refreshing aggression, along with a somber mood created by churning guitars and bass, makes Dilly Dally stand on their own.

If the question asked by this video is: ” What do the members of Dilly Dally ‘Desire?'” The answer is the following: skateboard, long strolls, looking at clouds, fresh linens, milk baths, and a sandwich (?). Unfortunately, what we desire can hurt us the most. Dilly Dally learns this lesson. Because sometimes that lovely stroll can lead to an egg being thrown at your head. Enjoy.