DoGs’ Swan Songs: Final Show TOMORROW

“As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change, Come whatever
We will still be, friends forever”

*quiet sobbing* I promised myself I wouldn’t get emotional, but this goddamn Vitamin C song always pushes me to tears.

Tomorrow, Orlando punk three-piece DoGs will be playing their final show before being triumphantly euthanized. Since forming in July 2012, the band has released a catalogue of short, energetic, and singable tunes, while working their way into our hearts and onto our couches (you can purchase their entire catalogue for whatever price you want on their Bandcamp).

Yesterday, the boys dropped the last of their new material, a six song split cassette with RushmoreFL. Recorded back in September of 2014, DoGs skip the sob songs, and instead opt for the sporadic punk we know and love. They even throw in a Devo cover for good measure.

Please, go see DoGs final show tomorrow at St Matthew’s. Tickets are $5, and you get to see the most depressing loss since Marley & Me.

DoGs – “Shark Tooth”

Longtime TVW supporters DoGs recently released a new version of their song “Shark Tooth.” This updated version was recorded at Goldentone Studio and mixed by Jon Markson. With the benefit of higher production, the song really come into its own. Each instrument pops more, the hook feels catchier, and the song as a whole packs a greater wallop. Don’t take my word for it; compare the two yourself! Enjoy.

O.G. mix:

Hometown Heroes: DoGs offer up entire catalog for name your price

Ghandi. Mother Teresa. DoGs. All legendary. All generous. Enjoy.

In a Florida-based band? Send me your stuff! Hope you don’t suck!

I guess I’m just a DoG person.

Amongst all the Bonnaroo madness last month, Orlando’s musical underbelly kept growing. That’s because punk trio DoGs played summer Santa by releasing a compilation containing every song they’ve recorded thus far. Copious amounts of PBR didn’t hurt either.

The name-your-price option has been a popular release option for DIY bands like DoGs. If you’re feeling generous, you can support the band by throwing a few bucks their way (I gave $1 million). If you’re strapped for cash, you can always go for my favorite price, $free.99.

Download DoGs’ sweet sexy jamz here!

Live Music: “Greetings from Orlando” Release Show (feat. DoGs, Thee Wilt Chamberlain, The Welzeins, and Wet Nurse)

And you thought I was done talking about Greetings from Orlando. Hell no. Wednesday’s show marked the official release of the compilation, and featured performances by numerous bands who took part in the Orlando tape. Oh you missed it? Too bad. Kill yourself. There will never be a show of the same caliber. But, there probably will be. This is Orlando. Enjoy.

Wet Nurse is playing a secret show TONIGHT @ The Peacock Room. I sadly have to work, but go out and wish them well!

I reviewed Greetings from Orlando in its entirety. READ PARTS ONEDEUCETHIRDNEXT TO LAST, AND FIN NOW!!!!


You would think that with all my journalistic expertise, I would know the importance of punctuality. Nope. I fucked around, and missed DoGs. But, I did I run into the band at Lou’s, and they are awesome guys. I’ve been giving their album Sports Beer some pretty heavy rotation, and thoroughly enjoy all of it. You’ll hear more about this three-piece very soon. They’re also playing a handful of shows in March, with the last one on the 29th @ Will’s.

Thee Wilt Chamberlain

Thee Wilt Chamberlain brought the feel good energy to Lou’s with their instrumental surf rock sound. In recent news, the band inspired gourmet fast food chain Taco Bell to try breakfast. But, these entrepreneurs true talent lies in their music. On Wednesday, Thee Wilt Chamberlain dished out song after song of head bobbing, toe tapping, hand jiving jams. When’s the last time anyone from Taco Bell did that? Your move TB.

The Welzeins

The Welzeins did what they do best. They brought high energy, catchy tunes, and left bodies in their wake. The high point of their set was the electrifying “Zhark Attack,” the only song in recent history to deserve The Rock’s signature adjective. No date has been announced for the release of their debut-album, but their performance at Lou’s made me giddy with anticipation. Hopefully, they will be able to translate their explosive onto CD without destroying all of Orlando’s eardrums. Though, that would be impressive. Your move boys.

Wet Nurse

Every wonder about a universe without Wet Nurse? Well in this hellish place, both the compilation and the show don’t exist. Those poor bastards. Wet Nurse, freshly practiced and ready to tour, pulled out all the stops. New songs. Old songs. Mosh pits. Guitar solos. AND THOSE HARMONIZED VOCALS. I cannot get enough of this band’s ability to have perfect two part vocal melodies. This was by far the best Wet Nurse show I have ever been to, and SXSW is not ready for fuck storm this foursome is going to unleash. That’s right. A storm of fuck. Hide your dads, kids.

Peace Treats Records – “Greetings from Orlando” PART DEUCE

More jams from Orlando bands. Enjoy.


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Wet Nurse – “My Nature”

Wet Nurse’s contribution comes from their 2012 debut album, Daily Whatever. The whole LP is a furry of punk tunes with sweet pop melodies. Consider it highly recommend. “My Nature” is lively, with quick drums, fast rifts, and a Bikini Kill attitude. The trio has become an Orlando staple, and “My Nature” is a brief glimpse of their authority. I can’t think of a band more fit to carry the Orlando underground music flag, and wish them luck at SXSW and on their upcoming tour. Without Wet Nurse this compilation wouldn’t exist, and I know they will be kicking major ass for years to come.

Hear more from Wet Nurse on their Bandcamp, and don’t miss their tour kick off on March 5 @ Will’s! I’ll be there, come say hi!

Moonmen From Mars – “Babysitter Murders”

Moonmen From Mars throw down one of the psychotic tracks off of Greetings from Orlando (I wouldn’t expect any less from a song titled “Babysitter Murders”).  I wasn’t familiar with Moonmen From Mars before now, but after taking one look at these guys’ Facebook, I realize they are the real deal. No seriously, they are space people who wield instruments, and produce tasty cannibalistic horror-core music. “Babysitter Murders” is not a metaphor. Like the band members themselves, it’s very real.

I couldn’t find any additional music from Moonmen From Mars. Sorry. They still rule.

 DoGs – “Dead Broke”

DoGs bring the noise and the feels with “Dead Broke.” Like other tracks off of Greetings from Orlando, it’s fast and aggressive, but DoGs introduces a level of depth to the compilation. The song immediately has me dancing in the best kind of way, but as I listen, the lyrics grab me. I’m getting a sense of loneliness and bitterness after the collapse of a relationship. The line that gets me the most is, “How could you even say that my words hurt just as much as yours.” “Dead Broke” is a refreshing change of pace, whilst still keeping the compilation’s vibe.

Hear more from DoGs on their Bandcamp! They’ll be playing with Wet Nurse on March 5. Again, get your ass there!