Priest White Nights Video

PRIEST – “White Nights” (Video)

The sonic whirlwinds of PRIEST came to fruition at the release of last year’s self-titled debut album. Nine beautiful songs became a cohesive project full of large, wispy sounds and Madeline Priest’s gleaming vocals. Repeat listens become second nature, as each memorable melody slowly works it way into your brain and out your larynx.

One of my favorite songs from Priest was “White Nights.” The song enters with subtle coolness; the snappy drums, brain-frying synths, and disco-tinged guitar all build into a dark swagger. Madeline’s verses are so light and silky. The whole thing oozes mystery like a James Bond theme, a thread captured in the track’s video. Pinks, purples, and light blues encapsulate my computer screen as I am shown hundreds of angles of Madeline and the band’s instrumental backbone, David Kazyk. Many different Madelines sway back-and-forth. She appears as a modern day Nico, impossible to take your eyes off of.

XII Island Science

Island Science – “XII”

“XII” is the debut single from Orlando dream pop three-piece, Island Science. They’re currently recording an EP and working with TVW favorite Chandler Strang, local musician from Dromes and CASE WORK.

The track rises with vocal loops from members Lisa B. and Kaley. Their light-as-air voices weave into the minimal, gliding beat; LA songstress BANKS comes to mind. The verses cry, “You don’t wanna talk to me. Don’t reach out to me just let me slip away. ” At first, I got a sense that I was being warned to stay away for my own protection. But then the chorus creeps in. “Don’t get it twisted if I don’t bow down no more. Your personal virtue, it can’t hold me down no more.” She seems to be pushing away her own good. But letting go hurts, because it’s uncomfortable. Enjoy.

Something’s Burning: A Summer Mix by Alex Clements

A good mix captures a feeling. You sit in the atmosphere it creates, and connect. This mix, created by a great friend and talented musician, has helped me tremendously this week. I find myself listening to it in the car, thinking and thinking, as layers of sound topple over me. There’s clarity in its harshness. I want to thank Alex for making this mix and allowing me to share it with you. He added the following blip, explaining the feelings behind his dreary summer soundtrack. Enjoy.

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My best attempt at compiling the music that has meant the most to me this summer, discovered and enjoyed at times often spent in isolation. This music is mostly around 20 years old and ranges from American shoegaze to slowcore to dream pop. There is an indescribable warmth and familiarity in these songs that is hard to resist which I found myself unknowingly slipping into and getting lost. A few artists are represented twice, as I found it difficult picking just one song. Each of these records are individually incredible in their own right and deserve revisiting, the time spent with them was definitely worth my while.

Here is 47 minutes of my summer, mostly loud songs for a restless mind.

Download the entire mix on our Soundcloud.

1. “jeremy parker” – swirlies (1993) 0:00

2. “something’s burning” – seam (1993) 4:06

3. “elizabeth colour wheel” – lilys (1992) 7:59

4. “i love you like the way that i used to do” – rocketship (1996) 14:51

5. “stove” – eric’s trip (1993) 19:11

6. “winona – drop nineteens (1992) 21:58

7. “falling yesterday” – jessica bailiff (1998) 25:15

8. “reed to hillsborough” – duster (1998) 29:59

9. “copacetic” – velocity girl (1993) 33:55

10. “autopilot” – seam (1993) 37:30

11. “wrong tube” – swirlies (1993) 41:48

cover photo by Kelsey Ryder

Priest – “Broken”

Orlando duo Priest has made the most of the first few months of 2015. In February, they dumped their Xs – in the past their name was stylized, “X priest X” – and teased their upcoming, self-titled debut album (out 5/5) with the hazy bliss pop gem, “The Game.” The song really propelled the duo to a whole new audience, and I’m glad an Orlando act is seeing well-deserved success.

Last week, we got another preview with “Broken.” Here, vocalist Madeline Priest grieves over the hungover disco beats of David Kazyk. Priest’s glowing voice strolls steadily through the verses, adding to the eery tone that bursts into chorus. The instrumentals fluctuate between each chorus and verse, and it’s this progression that makes “Broken” an atmosphere worth driving through. Enjoy.

Hear the first single from Priest, “The Game”

Pretty Sad – “Pretty Sad EP” & Internet Recording Methods

I just happened upon the debut EP from European lo-fi pop act Pretty Sad, whose music has been accurately labeled, “sadwave.” I’ve so vaguely described the band as European, because its three members span the Continent, hailing from Denmark, Scotland, and The United Kingdom. With the help of Dropbox and Garageband, the band crafted a striking debut; three delightfully airy songs for your continuously cooling surroundings.

The curious side of me is stimulated at the thought of the band’s recording methods. Question: In the future, are most musical releases going to be made like this? Coincidentally enough, I was recently pitched a social media platform for musicians. The concept allowed people to upload a piece of music, and ask other members of the site for a drum line or a bass line. Together, they could build a song using The Internet. I’m not going to name the organization because I really didn’t like that it was a paid membership, but I’m intrigued by their premise.

Pretty Sad seem to make it work. I think the EP sounds great. And if we can get social media service – preferably free – where great talent can find other great talent, then I’m all for it. Enjoy.

Music Video: Cancers – “Moral Net”

It’s time to put the kids to bed, because their’s a cloudy new video from members of Noisy Ghost family. Cancers’ “Moral Net” features the light-as-air vocal stylings of Ella Kasper floating above grimy, punchy guitar chords. The duo’s debut album Fatten the Leeches is out September 16. You can read the band’s bio here. I wrote it. Enjoy.


12 Days to Bonnaroo: Washed Out

Bonnaroo Tip of the Day: Weaken a wild bro by throwing rocks at it. Once it is sufficiently weakened, use one of your pokeballs to capture it.

Washed Out – Sunday, June 15, 5:45 P.M. – The Other Tent

Similar Bonnaroo Sounds: Real Estate, Broken Bells, Warpaint

You may have heard the sonic trot of “Feel It All Around” beforeThe song, off the 2010 EP Life of Leisure, helped establish a name for Washed Out, the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Ernest Greene. Since then, Greene released two albums with Sub Pop Records, 2010’s Within and Without and 2013’s Paracosm. I like to think of Washed Out’s music as a watery dream-scape, constantly ebbing and flowing, never remaining the same.

If you’ve never experienced a sonic painter like Washed Out live, I suggest giving his set a listen. Although stage performances from similar artists tend to be minimal, you become encased in sound, transported to the environment the artist creates. The audience has a feeling of unification, and at an event like Bonnaroo, the sounds of Washed Out can make for a visceral experience.