MEGUMI – “Milkweed”

MEGUMI – “Milkweed” (prod. by Dromes)

ORL producer Dromes has a knack for working with incredible female voices/songwriters. Island Science. Priest. Steffaloo. Delia Albert. DVWEZ. He finds these bright stars and makes them shine even brighter. Beautiful beats combine with giant hooks and my favorite pop songs are born.

The latest creation he has his hand in is the debut song from MEGUMI. I know very little about her other than that she’s from ORL and, from the moment a few piano keys exploded into a field of bass, bells, recorder, and other happy sounds, I loved “Milkweed.” MEGUMI’s sugary voice conjures a  very sunny commercial where  people are dancing with primary-colored scarves. But she’s not selling overpriced jeans. She’s selling happiness in the face of hardships.

you ask what i have to lose
ten pounds and an attitude
part me wants part of you
all of this makes me confused

A light blue breeze seems to blow away all of MEGUMI’s problems as bombs fall “one by one.” The instrumental beams like childhood. I can’t find anything to be sad about when I listen to this song; I’m protected by its shade. This young artist needs to release more joy into the world.

just some songs (9/16)

I learned a very valuable lesson this week: don’t trust a friends knowledge of an Orlando band’s religious affiliation when he/she is semi-inebriated. I still love you boy. We’re going to ride around and listen to the new Young Thug mixtape, Slime Season, when it comes out at 5:55 p.m. You should come along! I’m sure we can fit the whole squad into my two door Nissan Element.

There’s been some incredible songs to come out of Orlando in the summer months — too many to do individual posts on — so here for you, my friends, is a bag of tracks, signed, sealed, and delivered. Enjoy.

Dromes – ‘Deep Thoughts’ (ep review)

Dromes is the moniker of Orlando vocalist, DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Chandler Strang. Over the past few months, he’s released a handful of remixes and original tracks, some purely instrumental, and some featuring his own voice or a number guest vocalists. Now, Dromes is gathering those tracks for his debut EP, Deep Thoughts. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts is not a predictable listen. It’s filled with differing sounds, changes in tone, and unfamiliar voices. And with each new track, Dromes pulls elements from different parts of the musical spectrum. “Within, Without,” the EP’s opener, is filled with these airy synth lines that evoke Washed Out. On the very next track, “I Don’t Hate You,” Dromes lulls over these acoustic guitar melodies that hearken back to early early-to-mid-2000’s R&B slow jams – see Usher’s “U Got It Bad” and Justin Timberlake’s “What Goes Around… Comes Around.” He again switches things up on the pulsing “Norwegian Gem,” which incorporates vibrant cymbals that really add color to the song.

These jumps in style are what make Deep Thoughts such a fun ride. After repeated listens, I began to see Dromes as this guru of sound, continuously changing hats and looking damn good in every single one. But, he’s not alone. The features Dromes brings on Deep Thoughts also help shape the changing musical landscape. The vocal samples from Orlando pop artist Priest on “Only One” haunt the instrumental, turning the song into somewhat of a Crystal Castles’ stronghold. Then on “Relapse,” Dromes and Delia Albert, vocalist from Gainesville duo PALMEDO, craft an infectious, sugar-coated, dance-inducing pop tune. I could go on about the greatness of Mr. 3’s slick verse on the EP’s closer – there’s some great lines about Zubats in caves and meeting girls on Tinder – but I think I’ve made my point. I like this.

“Mr. 3 and Dromes got the shit to make your smoothie melt.”

FAV TRACKS: “If It’s Alright,” “Norwegian Gem,” “Relapse”

just some songs (3/17)

Another batch of whatever. This time, we’ve got a couple of Orlando artists (Dromes & Dani Darkowski) in the mix, along with some teeth gnashing punk and dancable disco-tinged electronic funk. I highly recommend giving “Steady Now” a listen. Over Spring Break, I sat for hours letting the intelligent ridiculousness of Comedy Central’s Broad City burn away my corneas, and one of the episodes featured the extreme banger. I’ve been hooked on Tasha the Amazon ever since. Enjoy.

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Dromes – “If It’s Alright”

Last night was SPACE FEST 2, an evening perfectly surreal in all the best ways. The combination of genres, art forms, and people in attendance made for an amazing event to witness. Together, Orlando raised $3,000 for The Space, a huge contribution to keeping this institution alive. Good work people, continue fighting.

One artist that graced the floor was Chandler Strang, performing under his funky fresh moniker, Dromes. Last week, he dropped “If It’s Alright.” This track confirms the “funky fresh” description with spirited piano lines and light – can I say sexy? – vocals. The chorus has these snappy guitar melodies that I swear could leave Nile Rodgers excited. After a few listens of this gem, your lazy Sunday will start feeling more like Saturday night. Enjoy.

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