WAITRESS – “Ashes/Diamonds”

WAITRESS was brought to my attention by the impeccable Matt Kamm. Kamm, who moonlights as one-fourth of Me Chinese, is producing the four-piece’s forthcoming album. Over the past month, Patrick Walsh, the group’s head, has been releasing his own home recordings on band’s Soundcloud, with the latest being the new wave-y “Ashes/Diamonds.”

The bulk of the new song is its extended verses. An electronic hi-hat tambours above merging guitar and synth lines. The thin instrumentation moves at a creeping speed, with vocalist Walsh’s ghostly hums floating in the mix. He delivers vague lines that further the song’s mystique. In the breaks between verses, Walsh repeatedly apologizes for his friends and “last night.” His sincerity seems flat, given his tone. The words “drab” and “posh” keep coming to mind when I hear WAITRESS’ music. This music is above us, and I’m eager for more. It’s a cruel, cruel summer. Enjoy.

hear more from WAITRESS on the Orlando edition of “just some songs”

just some songs (3/1)

Hey everyone! I wanted to start off by making excuses for the large gaps between posts. I’ve been really busy getting things going for our first show, “WE ARE ANIMALS.” It’s happening on 3/21 at The Space and features some of my favorite Orlando acts: Pasty Cline, Pathos, Pathos, Tiger Fawn and Witch Kings. There will be a full post announcing it soon, but you can find out more info and RSVP on the event page. It’s going to be rad and we’ve got a lot planned. In the next three weeks, I’ll be highlighting the music of the scheduled bands, maybe even throw in some video or a photo shoot. We’ll see.

Here are some songs I found while looking meandering Soundcloud. The genres vary, so if you don’t like one just go to the next sound, just skip it. We’re writing raw tonight. Enjoy.


Dromes – “If It’s Alright”

Last night was SPACE FEST 2, an evening perfectly surreal in all the best ways. The combination of genres, art forms, and people in attendance made for an amazing event to witness. Together, Orlando raised $3,000 for The Space, a huge contribution to keeping this institution alive. Good work people, continue fighting.

One artist that graced the floor was Chandler Strang, performing under his funky fresh moniker, Dromes. Last week, he dropped “If It’s Alright.” This track confirms the “funky fresh” description with spirited piano lines and light – can I say sexy? – vocals. The chorus has these snappy guitar melodies that I swear could leave Nile Rodgers excited. After a few listens of this gem, your lazy Sunday will start feeling more like Saturday night. Enjoy.

Read Dromes thoughts on the significance of The Space in Why is The Space Important?

GRANDMA PARTY 2014 LIVE: Idi Bidi Midi Comidi

TVW is coming to you live at Grandma Party 2014. There’s going to be great acts all day, and we will be supplying you with sexy pics. Sadly, we missed Ark and The Welzeins. First up is solo avant-electronic artist, Idi Bidi Midi Comidi. Keep your eyes locked for more acts. Wet Nurse is up next!

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Caribou – “Can’t Do Without You” (Remixes)

Caribou’s album Our Love has been on non-stop as of late. The opener “Can’t Do Without You” is undoubtedly one of the best tracks of 2014, these remixes by Lenno, Munk & The Black Loops, and Tale Of Us & Mano Le Tough are as infectious. I couldn’t choose one, so you got three. Which is your favorite? Enjoy.

Caribou is playing at The Social next Tuesday! I’ll be there, so should you.

The Original:


Spies on Bikes – Speakermix Vol 11.

Spies on Bikes is the stage name of Cleveland music producer, Nathan Cochran. He is currently signed to Orlando-based electronic label Relief In Abstract, which is how I found out about Cochran and this mix. If you never thought you would enjoy listening to a mashup of Mystikal and the Bee Gees, or Katy Perry and the Baja Men, then be prepared to beg for forgiveness. For 28 minutes, Spies on Bikes mashes all your favorite guilty pleasures into one deliciously enjoyable music smoothie. Enjoy.

The Familiar – “All in White”

The Familiar are a alternative electronic duo composed of one part Brooklyn, NYC and one part Tromsø, Norway. “All in White” is one of five sonic snowstorms off of the group’s debut EP, Rooms. Synth lines crisscross throughout the song creating a dark and snowy atmosphere, one that I imagine reflects the beautifully harsh winter of Norway. Enjoy.

Hear Rooms in its entirety at The Familiar’s Soundcloud.

Watch the music video for “All in White” on Youtube.