XII Island Science

Island Science – “XII”

“XII” is the debut single from Orlando dream pop three-piece, Island Science. They’re currently recording an EP and working with TVW favorite Chandler Strang, local musician from Dromes and CASE WORK.

The track rises with vocal loops from members Lisa B. and Kaley. Their light-as-air voices weave into the minimal, gliding beat; LA songstress BANKS comes to mind. The verses cry, “You don’t wanna talk to me. Don’t reach out to me just let me slip away. ” At first, I got a sense that I was being warned to stay away for my own protection. But then the chorus creeps in. “Don’t get it twisted if I don’t bow down no more. Your personal virtue, it can’t hold me down no more.” She seems to be pushing away her own good. But letting go hurts, because it’s uncomfortable. Enjoy.