False Punk - 'S/T' (review)

“You Can’t Fake False” | False Punk – ‘S/T’ (cassette review)

In the 80s, hardcore punk flourished in Gainesville and Orlando, with bands like Roach Mote, The Damn Maniacs, Dissent, and Florida’s Unwanted Children achieving underground affluence. Thirty years later, a new hardcore punk band, False Punk, is carrying the baton of punk rock into the present day. Playing DIY venues like The Space, The Space Station and Lou’s Entertainment Hall, they serve this still thriving punk scene. Their sound: a handful of mud, an orangutan’s heart and a jar of spit collected from their ravenous shows. All blended up and served with a smile!

After all, these are false punks.

“Spitface,” an homage to 80s hardcore, and starts S/T off with enraging transitions, a calling card for False Punk. It’s no surprise that the band shared a summer tour with local Power Violence band GROSS — the vigorous “got smoke in my eye” anger flows in their blood too. This track is two minutes and too short. Tempo change is False Punk’s secret weapon, exemplified in “In Death Do We Part.” Local punks take note: sludge is your friend; they like the dirt just as much as you do.

“Full Wolf//Adjustment Bureau” combines GERMS’ glaring hardcore and Fang’s memorable riffs. This should be the single; it’s a defining sound of the band. The fuzz bass anarcho-punk intro in “NSNP” is enough to crush your bones and leave you begging for death’s hand. The song’s experimental guitar progressions and vocals are reminiscent of The Urinals, another Californian influence, pulling you in and out with cyclone chords and drowning symbols. It’s no wonder that False Punk display split flying energy whenever they play.

After a false end, the track returns at six minutes and fifty-three seconds with a nod to cassette culture. This “hidden track” plays out the same, experimental and self-destructive. However, it takes influence from Hardcore/Grunge band Unwound and shows the band progressing into a noisier and filthier group. If this is an example of what’s to come from False Punk, can someone ask death to turn my hourglass over? I need to see how this plays out.


Canadian band and Sub Pop signed band METZ missed out on getting False Punk to open at The Beacham. Sub-Pop should be jumping to sign this band.

Hurry up, losers.

False Punk – ‘S/T’ by Andres “Andy” Andrade