Colleen Green – “Pay Attention”

Singer-songwriter Colleen Green just dropped “Pay Attention,” the first single off the upcoming album I Want to Grow Up. It’s being released on 2/24/15 by Seattle record label, Hardly Art. If you’re a newer fan like me, you can catch up at her Bandcamp. Enjoy.

Wand – “Flying Golem”

Stolen right of The Vivid’s Soundcloud, this track is some truly colorful rock music. Walls of fuzz so thick, so expressive, that it’ll tear your house apart. The guitar solo sounds other worldly. They opened for Ty Segall last week in Tampa and put on a great show. I need more of this. Enjoy.

Music Video: Cancers – “Moral Net”

It’s time to put the kids to bed, because their’s a cloudy new video from members of Noisy Ghost family. Cancers’ “Moral Net” features the light-as-air vocal stylings of Ella Kasper floating above grimy, punchy guitar chords. The duo’s debut album Fatten the Leeches is out September 16. You can read the band’s bio here. I wrote it. Enjoy.


Music Video: Ty Segall – “Manipulator”

Recently, preacher at The First Church of Fuzz, Ty Segall released his tightly packed sermon, Manipulator, an album that I plan on talking more about later. Today, the album’s title-track received an interactive video. You can personalize almost all aspects of the video, so feel free to play around over at Segall’s website. Or, you can watch the “director’s playthrough” below. But why would you want to do that? Don’t do that. Enjoy.

Album Review: The Welzeins – “The Welzeins”

Those fuckers in The Welzeins finally decided to release an album, and I’m here to tell you about that album. Intro, intro, intro. Enjoy.

Damn, that intro sucked.

On their first full-length, The Welzeins bring thick, crunchy, fuzzed-out songs, not dissimilar to garage rock artists like: Ty Segall, White Fence, and The White Wires. Their sound is a familiar one, but the band does it justice by putting tons personality into their music. The opener “Zhark Attack,” one of the band’s best live staples, is filled with humorous lines about dad getting laid, and then attacked by a shark. The bridge features singer RJ playing lifeguard, urging swimmers to vacate the waters. But when he screams “DAADDD!,” you realize a young man has just lost his father to an ocean of fuzz.

Other album highlights include “Shit and Sugar,” “Miss Mosshart,” “Cigarette Girls,” and “I Get Stoned.” These songs, more so then some of the others, are filled with that personality that makes The Welzeins stand out in the massive congregation of The First National Church of Big Muff. “Miss Mosshart” is a love note to The Kill’s frontwoman, and “I Get Stoned” is about, wouldn’t you know, getting stoned. Another standout, “Cigarette Girls” has these cool allusions to tobacco use: “I’m no Marlboro Man,” “she’s got that American spirit,” “I’m addicted to you.” There’s also a great reprise in the song filled with reverbed oohs that sounds almost psych-like. This small change is refreshing in the straightforward, riff heavy atmosphere of the album.

And that’s it. Listen to the album, and let me know what you think. Also, try to get a chance to see The Welzeins live. Shit’s good. Peace.

The Raveonettes – “Z-Boys”

The boys and girls of summer are packing away their sun-bleached memories, and dragging their feet into a new semester of institutionalized learning. They eagerly wait for the school bell, an alarm that means freedom for a few fleeting moments. Waiting and waiting, for another moment to soak in the summer sun. Enjoy.

Read more about The Raveonettes, and catch their new album Pe’ahi out now! I was going to review it, but didn’t! It’s good though.