Gia Margaret & Zoya Zafar Mutual Friends

Gia Margaret & Zoya Zafar – ‘Mutual Friends’ (split single)

Zoya Zafar lives in Orlando. Gia Margaret resides in Chicago. The two songwriters met a while back; Zoya was visiting the second city and ran into Gia on the street. They became great fans of each other’s work and wanted to collaborate on a project–smart. Zoya went back to Chicago; they recorded together and made Mutual Friends. Enjoy.

Gia Margaret — “Smoke”

Alrighty, Gia first because she’s a guest on this Orlando blog, and we will be cordial. The very fitting title of her song is “Smoke.” I call it accurate because the song rolls in like a strong haze. It’s thick. It’s grey. You sit in it. The tone is somber. There are elements of Beach House bliss–the constant ticking, blurry vocals–but they’re given a kick by the progressing drum and bass. The low tones and electronic hits make things heavier as we float along. There’s a pairing between the semi-distorted coos and a crystal smooth harmony that makes Gia feel both cold and warm.

Zoya Zafar — “Glass”

Zoya is dope. Every time I’ve seen her perform, the room stops. People are transfixed. I’ve never heard a more delicate voice get such attention. Her songs are hand strung melodies, personal and relatable. They work in dark bars or Sunday afternoons under a tree–I know because I’ve seen a focused crowd at both venues. On her effort, “Glass,” she warns an idling friend; “You’ll just look behind the glass, sitting at the window watching life past.” This person is getting on a plane and thereby running away from their life and loved ones. Her carefully strummed guitar lays the base for the story to be told, almost in a Bob Dylan type of way. A synth starts to hum and a cool clap begin with the second verse as Zoya lays out her feelings. When the song ends, she hasn’t quite let go. “Call me when you find your way back home.”