HAIM – “My Song 5” (MOVEMENT Version)

A dark and brooding take on Haim’s “My Song 5” by Austrian trio Movement. The beats feel like an eerie ride to the gallows, and Danelle Haim’s vocals are the twisted hangman’s final send-offs. You can hear another remix of the song by A$AP Ferg here. Enjoy.

Music Videos: Haim – “My Song 5 (feat. A$AP Ferg)”

This post is sponsored by Karina Curto and Curto Photos. Karina is tremendous talent, both behind and in front of the camera. She is also a dear friend and the official photographer for The Vinyl Warhol. But most importantly, she loves Hiam, and shared this video with me. Enjoy.

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Also, this music video rules. It has cameos from the following famous peeps: Ke$ha, Ezra Koening, Big Sean, and Grimes. Peace.


RSD 2014 Preview: The Good, The Bad, and The Expensive

(There is no bad)

Officially founded in 2007, Record Store Day is a celebration of the community, pride, and hard-work that goes into every independently owned record store. In the past few years, Record Store Day has grown into its own holiday, where artists small and large deliver a limited supply of releases old and new. Record Store Day Ambassador Chuck D, from the legendary hip-hip group Public Enemy, remarked on the impact of record stores, “The record store made musicians listen beyond themselves. It both complemented and supplemented the radio, in fact the best radio stations in the past followed the vibe of the record stores of their regions, thus growing and nurturing each other.”

I’m here to point you in the direction of my favorite releases, some of which my entire life savings ($164) on. This Saturday, thousands will gather at their local record store and indulge in the essential need that is music. Where will you be? Enjoy.

RSD 2014 Logo

The Vinyl Warhol’s RSD Picks (feel free to send me any of these)

??? – Side By Side Series 7″ : Always a fun, cheap way to get a unique RSD tradition. Two artists, an original song by one, with a cover by a different on the back. Last year I got The Stooges’/The Black Keys’ renditions of “No Fun,” on red and orange marble vinyl.

Cage the Elephant – “Take It Or Leave It”: A solid single from the band’s latest album, Melophobia. The B-side features an unreleased track called “Jesse James.”

CHVRCHES – Recover EP: One of last year’s hottest new acts, CHVRCHES has dominated both underground and popular music. They’re also playing at Bonnaroo!!

Haim – Forever: Another new giant from last year. Seriously infectious pop rock hits!

Jay Z/Linkin Park – Collision CourseOddly charming mash-ups of songs from both musical giants (See: “Big Pimpin’/Papercut”).

RPM Turntable Football – A Two Player Game Played at 33 1/3 RPM: Just look.

The Velvet Underground – LoadedA classic from a band where all of their albums (I don’t count are classic Squeeze) are classic. “Rock & Roll,” “Sweet Jane,” and “Cool It Down,” come on?

Liars – “Mess on a Mission”: Great tune from this band’s latest release, Mess. And just look at that! I did a blog talking about it.

LCD Soundsystem – The Long Goodbye Box set: Saving the best for last. This five LP set is a remastered recording of the band’s final concert at Madison Square Garden. The price is $130, but I’ll be damned if I’m not leaving RSD without it.

View the complete list here! So, whatcha want?


Music News: Big Guava Festival

Good day friends! It’s been a stressful week full of rain and sorrows, but I just know that tomorrow is going to be a brighter day. Even though it’s cold and rainy now, it will be hot and rainy soon enough, and that means summer. And summer means music festivals. But, if you’re from Florida, you know that we don’t have any big music festivals. Our festivals are usually centered on farming, eating, or guns. But, this summer is the start of something great. Enjoy.

Big Guava Music Festival: May 2-4 2014

Three days, more than 20 acts, and enough fun to blind small children, that’s right kids it’s the Big Guava Festival. Produced by the all-powerful musical overlords Live Nation, Big Guava Fest is something new and exciting for Florida music lovers to lose their minds over. I randomly stumbled upon Big Guava, and could not be more enthralled. We’re talkin’ Outkast. We’re talkin’ Vampire Weekend. We’re talkin’ me pooping my pants in anticipation. I cannot wait for this summer!

This is the first time I can recall Florida having a decent sized music festival, and it’s something that we’ve needed for a long time. Anyone who has ever been in Florida during the summer knows it’s hell. But, what could be a better reason to brave heat? There’s going to be so many great acts, from many different genres. Haim is playing. You guys know how much I love Haim. Oh you don’t? Well here’s a subtle plug to remind you. And here’s another so I can tell you how excited I am that Deap Vally is also playing.

And here’s a graphic with everyone who’s playing!

Tickets to the three day event are $191.10 after fees. This is an event is a beautiful thing for central Florida. Hopefully it will become an annual event, grow larger, and kick ass. See you there.

Album Review: Haim – “Days Are Gone”

For the last few weeks, its been practically impossible to avoid Haim. They’re one of the most buzzed about groups in the world right now, but does their debut album, Days Are Gone, live up to the hype? Come with me, as we dive into the world of Haim, and together we will find out. Enjoy. 

It’s pronounced to rhyme with time

So who the hell is this band that has seemingly gained all this popularity in the blink of an eye? Well, Haim (see pronunciation above) are an all-female three-piece, made up the Haim sisters. This trio combines folk, R&B, pop, and rock, a combination that is catchy, but still fresh. I’ve been listening to Days Are Gone since the day it came out, and it still feels weird to classify Haim. Upon first listen, I was sent back, back to the backseat. That time in the 1990’s when I was too small to sit in the front seat, and my single mom was listening to “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks. You guys remember that song, right?  It was a time of strong female pop, Lilith Fair, Jewel, and jagged little pills. All our moms wanted to do was have some fun, and Mother Haim was apparently no different. I can see her three little angels right now, sitting in the back of their mom’s Ford Explorer, bobbing their heads to Joan Osborne’s “One of Us”.

Now that my flashback is over, let me get to my point. Haim to me, reminds me of those 90’s female coffee shop singers. But, these three have been hanging out with the King of Pop (not in that way). Because these songs groove like none of our moms could. Check out the song “Forever”. The tune is should-we-break-up anthem, but the guitars could be from Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. Haim isn’t about making cheap pop songs. The sisters Haim can play their instruments. Every single one of these songs has great groove, a fun beat, and catchy melodies. In the next song, “The Wire”, the question posed in “Forever” is answered, she dumped him. With lyrics like, “I just know, I know, I know, you’re going to be okay anyway”, these girls sound like heart breakers.

My biggest gripe with Days Are Gone is that after a while, it starts to feel the same. Maybe too many of these songs sound a little too much like Micheal Jackson. The chorus in “Falling” sounds eerily familiar to “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”. Sometimes I get tired of the same mildly dancing songs, with guitars that don’t have any bite. I have heard that Haim is more rockin’ live, I would’ve like to hear that on Days Are Gone, But, even with these complaints, Haim is the most refreshing sound in pop. They sound about a thousand times more sincere than Rihanna, Ke$ha, and Katy Perry combined, and I would love nothing more than to hear Haim on Top 40 radio, because then I might actually listen to it.

My favorite song on Days Are Gone is “My Song 5”. It’s the only song that sounds completely different from anything else, and sticks out in good way. There are pitched down horns on the song that are infectiously dirty. This song has grit. The lyrics are sinister. There’s a guitar line that could make The Black Keys quiver. The song returns to the lighter Haim sound for the bridge, but these devilish vocals push you back into the mud. “Honey I’m not your honey pie.”