just some songs

just some songs. (9/14/16)

If you look at my Soundcloud likes, you’ll see that I pretty much only listen to Central Florida artists. And way too often, I let all these really dope songs build up and up and up without reviewing them. Then, periodically, they all come out at once in a segment I call “just some songs.” Enjoy.

Kaiydo — “Fruit Punch”

Kaiydo has come out of nowhere to produce some of the brightest summertime bangers this year. The 19-year-old emcee has been heavily co-signed by huge blogs like Pigeons & Planes with “Fruit Punch” being his biggest hit to date. The instrumental feels like it was made poolside in Miami; Horns heat up the block and when the bass comes in, you’re done. Kaiydo is so confident that he could be spitting in a reclined position. You can’t have more than him because he’s got the summer.

Dog Island — “El Dorado”

Dave Hanson is best known as the quiet half of Slumberjack–his drumming serves as the foundation for partner Andrew Kelly to make a huge, emotional mess on. While touring with the duo, Dave showed me some demos of a solo project he was toiling over. As the man steps from behind the drums to the mic, he produces psychedelic slacker rock as Dog Island. “El Dorado” is the first on his five-song EP, Laniakea. Dave’s personality is all over this release, he sings gently (surrounded by oohs and ahhs), plays a happy acoustic guitar, and smiles through the entire thing.

valleyz — “The Morning” (feat. DVWEZ & Olukara)

Another perfect summer song, “The Morning” combines the angelic voice of DVWEZ, the cocky slur of CLE-to-NYC rapper Olukara, and the child-like wonder of a beat by valleyz. The sweet dinging sounds like they were made by Fisher-Price. It varies in speed depending on who’s over it, switching from light and playful for DVWEZ to a quick burst for Olukara’s bars. The conversation between the two is passionate and natural. These two need to get together again.

Rogerthomas — “Thas Wassup”

St. Peterburg is lucky to have multi-instrumentalist and producer Rogerthomas–can ORL borrow him? He combines the delicate plucking of nylon classical guitar strings with drum and bass beats to create a topographical map without words. “Thas Wassup” has peaks and valleys. One moment it’s full of ticks, synths, smooth bass, and the aforementioned guitar. The next, everything is stripped away and our artist starts again.

native feel — “dont need ur love.”

Allan Duncan is a man of many hats. He skates with the Bev Boys, makes weird, jazzy indie rock with Sailor Ripley, and DJs/produces as native feel. I’m not sure how he made “dont need ur love” or where its pieces come from, but the many rotating sounds over a glitchy D&B instrumental keeps me bobbin’. Who are these two verses by? Why does the song suddenly cut out? More questions than answers, as is this man’s forte.

just some songs. 2:12:2016

just some songs. (2/12/16)

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the 10th installment of “just some songs.,” a handful of tracks that have stuck with me as of late, with an accompanying blip about my thoughts and feelings, and an introduction to the artists who’ve composed them. If you’d like to have your music featured in the next edition, email me (matt@thevinylwarhol.com) and I’ll take a listen. All genres are welcome. Soundcloud is my preferred platform (it’s prettier). Enjoy.

SALES — “jamz”

SALES has hit the big time, and with pure candy-coated ear bliss like this, it’s easy to understand the two piece’s broad reach. I remember seeing them at Uncle Lou’s not long ago. Like is the case the grimiest, divey-est dive bar in Orlando, some seedy characters eventually rolled through. Giants draped in leather vests, a group of seven-to-ten bikers — we heard them coming three blocks away — took to the crowded venue looking for a drink. In less than five minutes, SALES smooth beats and vapor-like vocals had these ruffians swaying along. But, as is the case with SALES, these sweet sounds are just a guised for deeply personal and emotive lyrics. Tears fuck-up leather.

beachday — “plus 0ne” (feat. babeisland)

Let me tell you about nightcore. It’s new to me, so I thought a genre explanation was in order. Nightcore is a genre of dance music where twisted individuals speed-up previously existing bangers. The result is music that is too fast to dance to. Orlando nightcore aficionado beachday has made one of my favorite driving songs in recent memory with “plus one”. The chipmunk vocals pierce your brain until you’re asking random strangers the song’s repeated request.

Soapbox Soliloquy — “Oxy Hannah”

St. Pete pysch queen, Soapbox Soliloquy is back with “Oxy Hannah.” The first song off her upcoming full-length, Heady Stones. Here, Jasmine Deja comes through with her jangliest song yet. Her vocals sound deformed as she sings in an androgynous howl. If you’re in Tampa next Sunday, come by Frolic Exchange and see her as a part of Tiger Fawn’s “Little Fuckin’ Birdie Tour” — TVW booked it!

Rest In Peace — “Loss”

Grotesque producer CHVRLIEDR_OWN(R.I.P.) has a whole album’s worth of haunting industrial tunes on his Soundcloud. On “Loss,” he sounds like a mix between Trent Resnor and Blackstar David Bowie. The canvas he whispers over is minimal, but echoes like a damp cavern.

Graphs — “House Sitting”

Man, I love indie pop. Much like SALES, Graphs is shepherded by vocals that defy gravity; my feet lift off the ground when I here such airy coos. The instrumentals are just as drawling, liquid xanax for the soul. After the 80 mph speed binge that is “plus one,” this will have you lounging on cloud downer.