TVW’S TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 2014 (5-1)

I’d like to thank everyone who has in some way supported The Vinyl Warhol in 2014. This blog has already exceeded all of my expectations, an I can only hope it continues to do so. I look forward to bringing you even more great material in 2015. Enjoy.

TVW’S TOP ALBUMS OF 2014 (10-6)

Rich-Gang-Tha-Tour-Part-15. Rich Gang – Rich Gang: Tha Tour Pt. 1

Although technically a mixtape, I have to give the number five spot to Rich Gang – specifically Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan. In 2014, Young Thug dropped hip hop on its head by disregarding technical flow and coherent lyrics, and instead opting for spastic ramblings and energetic barks. When paired with the melodic slurs of Rich Homie Quan, this ATL powerhouse duo brings some of the wildest bangers of the year.

Favorite Tracks:

“Flava,” “Tell Em (Lies),” “Imma Ride,” “Keep It Goin”

4. Caribou – Our LoveCaribou_Our_Love

Dan Snaith is atop a new breed or singer-songwriter where an artist creates deeply personal electronic music.On Our Love, he produces the most beautiful love songs 2014. Every synth note oozes emotion, and each song is a sonic journey narrated by Snaith. “Can’t Do Without You,” a song that repeats the same line for almost four minutes, reads like the greatest love story ever told.

Favorite Tracks:

“Can’t Do Without You,” “Silver,” “Julia Brightly,” “Mars”

casket3. The Casket Girls – True Love Kills the Fairytale

This Summer, I was honored to intern at Noisy Ghost PR, promotion company for Savannah-based record label, Graveface Records. My introduction to Graveface, which would lead to my internship, was The Casket Girls. True Love Kills the Fairytale is 10 songs of bleak synth-pop gold. Every melody sung by sisters Phaedra and Elsa Greene is an earworm that infects the listener’s brain. Ryan Graveface (Black Moth Super Rainbow) blackens the sisters sweet voices with thick, eerie instrumentals. The result is an acid-soaked nightmare.

Favorite Tracks:

“Same Side,” “Chemical Dizzy,” “Ashes to Embers,” “Secular Love”

2. St. Vincent – St. Vincent St_Vincent_artwork

I had St. Vincent fever all year. At one point I dyed my hair the same grey that she’s been sporting in 2014. What so enthralled me into the world of Annie Clark was the eccentric sounds created on her fifth record. On “Huey Newton,” she is a merciless tyrant setting forests ablaze with her heavy guitar rifts. The next song “Digital Witness,” is bouncy and sarcastic, both in its instrumental and lyrics. On St. Vincent, Clark creates her own alien world for each song containing a different sonic atmosphere. Each world contains its own beauty and showcases Clark as the supreme leader.

Favorite Tracks:

“Huey Newton,” “Digital Witness,” “I Prefer Your Love,” “Bring Me Your Loves”

rtj21. Run the Jewels – Run the Jewels 2

In 2014, Killer Mike and El-P did not just create the most hard-hitting, brutal hip hop album in recent memory; they built an album that mirrors this year’s societal turmoil brought on by the killings of seemingly innocent human beings by the police meant to protect them. I’m not going to say RTJ2 perfectly soundtracks the race issues of the past 12 months, because many of its lyrics do glorify violence that is not accurately representative of the culture I’m speaking about. What I am claiming is that the passion in this album, and the message behind a chunk of its lyrics evokes similar emotions to how I felt watching buildings burn in Ferguson the night of the  officer’s acquittal. I urge you to watch the speech Killer Mike delivered that night. In it he beautifully articulates, “Riots are only the language of the unheard.” This album is a riot. Listen up.

Favorite Tracks:

“Jeopardy,” “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry,” “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck),” “All My Life,” “Early”

TVW’S TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 2014 (10-6)

It’s the popular thing to do, so why not? Keep in mind that this is one person’s opinion, and I know there are many great albums I didn’t hear this year. Let me know what your favorite albums of 2014 were. Click the album titles to listen for yourself. Enjoy.

10. The Welzeins – The Welzeins welzeins

Orlando’s favorite dads kick off the list at number ten. The Welzeins animalistic debut is charged with gritty fuzz licks and tight, playful melodies. I’ll say it right now: “Zhark Attack” is one of the best songs by any Orlando band ever. This album feels like the grease burns you get while cooking bacon without a shirt. It hurts, and I love it. READ MY FULL REVIEW!

Favorite Tracks:

“Zhark Attack,” “Shit and Sugar,” “Cigarette Girls”

FKA_twigs_-_LP1 (1)9. FKA Twigs – LP 1 

FKA Twigs, the moniker of British songstress Tahliah Barnett, pulled through with the best debut of 2014. Every instrumental cascades into your ears, while Twigs voice – that emotive, emotive, voice – will shake your bones and simultaneously make you weep uncontrollably and become aroused.

Favorite Tracks:

“Two Weeks,” “Numbers,” “Kicks”


8. You Blew It! – Keep Doing What
You’re Doingyou blew it

You Blew It!’s second full-length cemented them as a band. Their sound is tighter, their licks fuller, their melodies brighter. Singer Tanner Jones’ lyrics are brutally honest and unforgiving. After repeat listeningsI started to feel like this album was made for me. Maybe not directly (duh), but I continuously connect with the melodramatic lyrics and sweaty group chants on KDWYD. I feel understood. I feel at home. READ MY FULL REVIEW!

Favorite Tracks:

“Award of the Year Award,” “House Address,” “Gray Matter,” “Better to Best”

Jack_White_-_Lazaretto7. Jack White – Lazaretto

2014, for me at least, was the year of Jack White. I FINALLY got to see him live at Bonnaroo, and it was an incredible three hour, career-spanning set. On his second solo record, White pulls out every one of his tricks from the gritty guitar of “High Ball Stepper” to the lovely harmonized vocal melodies on”Alone in My Home.” READ MY FULL REVIEW!

Favorite Tracks:

“Lazaretto,” “High Ball Stepper,” “Alone in My Home,” “Black Bat Licorice”


6. Flying Lotus – You’re DeadYou're_Dead!

Flylo is another artist who this year captivated me with a stellar live show. His walled projections are unlike anything I had ever experienced. Look it up if you want. But the audible journey of You’re Dead captivated me just as much. This album is a wild ride through jazz, hip hop, and electronic music.

Favorite Tracks:

“Never Catch Me,” “Coronus, the Terminator,” “The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep”