FREE SAMPLES: 11/28 The Dog Apollo, Reverist, The Sabals @ The Social

Come out to The Social this Friday for some great indie pop and rock. We’ve got Jacksonville’s The Dog Apollo, Orlando singer-songwriter Reverist, and fellow Orlando three-piece, The Sabals. This is going to be a very diverse show, so sample the bands and be sure to make it out! Enjoy.

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The Dog Apollo


Hear more at The Dog Apollo’s Bandcamp.



Hear more at Reverist’s Bandcamp.

The Sabals


Hear more at The Sabals’ Bandcamp.

Hometown Heroes: Case Work appear on Off the Avenue, Will’s show tonight w/ Day Joy

It’s always good to write about Orlando. In the hellish heat of the summer, the only comfort for Orlandoians (yes, that’s what we’re called. I checked) lies in the paradise of Orlando music. Case Work is one of those bands. Enjoy.

TONIGHT: Day Joy, Case Work, Maximino, & A_RK @ Will’s Pub

In preparation for their show with Day Joy, Maximino, and A_RK at Will’s Pub, local indie rock collective Case Work dropped in on North Avenue Studios’ for their in-studio video series, Off the Avenue. While at North Avenue, the band played two new songs: “Slow Down” and “Dancing Shadows.”

The former:r a jangly, mid-tempo, indie rock dream, chocked full of “Aah”s. Lead singer/rhythm guitarist, Chandler Strang coos, “Sunshine in my eye. Sunshine on your skin.” Swoon.

The latter: a flowing lava lamp of emotion. Strang sings now with sorrow. Greyson Charnock lays down some seamless guitar leads that add to the overall airy quality of the song. Man’s got chops.

Check out an interview Case Work did with Orlando Weekly.

If you like what you hear, and missed my two obvious plugs, Case Work is playing a show TONIGHT @ Will’s. Tickets are $7 at the door. I’ve taken the liberty to include some videos from Day Joy and Maximino respectively. Damnit, I’m good.

Hometown Heroes: DoGs offer up entire catalog for name your price

Ghandi. Mother Teresa. DoGs. All legendary. All generous. Enjoy.

In a Florida-based band? Send me your stuff! Hope you don’t suck!

I guess I’m just a DoG person.

Amongst all the Bonnaroo madness last month, Orlando’s musical underbelly kept growing. That’s because punk trio DoGs played summer Santa by releasing a compilation containing every song they’ve recorded thus far. Copious amounts of PBR didn’t hurt either.

The name-your-price option has been a popular release option for DIY bands like DoGs. If you’re feeling generous, you can support the band by throwing a few bucks their way (I gave $1 million). If you’re strapped for cash, you can always go for my favorite price, $free.99.

Download DoGs’ sweet sexy jamz here!

Album Review: You Blew It! – “Keep Doing What You’re Doing”

A few weeks ago, You Blew It! released their second album, Keep Doing What You’re Doing. Since then, the band has received hefty buzz after being featured on Pitchfork. I can’t describe how rad it is that an Orlando band is gaining speed in the rest of the country.  With Keep Doing What You’re Doing, You Blew It! unleash 10 new tracks in the same melodramatic vain as their debut album, Grow Up, Dude. I use that term, not as an insult, but as what I think is a fitting description. The songs on KDWYD, as with other releases in the emo-revival genre, deal with themes of rejection, isolation, and self-discovery in a raw way. These songs don’t pull any punches. Enjoy.

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It was like “The Real World”, only in a Subway parking lot.

You Blew It! and I’s origin story goes as follows: On the second day of Fall 2012 semester, my car was totaled in a four person accident, resulting in almost a year of bumming rides. Tanner Jones, lead singer and guitar player in You Blew It!, also had the pleasure of having his car wrecked on that rainy Fall day. For almost four hours we and two other miserable souls chatted in a Subway parking lot waiting for the cops. It’s safe to say it was a fairly shitty day. However, Tanner mentioned that his band had just released their first album through Topshelf Records: Grow Up, Dude, my first exposure to the emo-revival movement that is plaguing the United States. And I was infected.

Grow Up, Dude captured my speakers, and when the fellow Orlando natives were playing a show, I was there. Try listening to “Medal of Honor” and “The Fifties.” Let me know how they make you feel.

“Don’t take this the wrong way: I know you can’t relate to feelings you don’t have personally.” From the first lines of the album, Jones’ vocal delivery is downright blunt. I feel for whoever these songs are written about, because they have no chance to defend themselves from the onslaught of harsh lyrics. In “Regional Dialect” Jones doesn’t let up. “I’m typically not the type to expose my vices, but the habits you’re forming are making me sick.” Sticks and stones can’t do half the damage dealt by You Blew It! 

But other moments on KDWYD deal with internal struggles. “Strong Island” explores feelings of regret. “I’m still clutching onto things I should have said and the bonds that I’ve been ruining.” Later on in “A Different Kind of Kindling,” Jones finds “solace in anything that isn’t this.” Although he likes to point the finger, at times Jones is his own worst enemy.

Sonically, You Blew It! is a band who wears their influences on their sleeve. This unfortunately makes the music take a backseat to the quality lyrics. Many of the tracks end up melding together, which can make the album drag. However, there are standouts, and overall the album isn’t overly hurt by the similar songs. “A Different Kind of Kindling” and “House Address” have some incredibly rich guitar melodies, and the rhythm section on “You & Me & Me” and “Gray Matter” is kicking. Fans of the emo-revival sound will love You Blew It!’s latest effort, and new listeners should try my recommendations.

KDWYD‘s closing track, “Better to Best” is my favorite on the album (possibly in You Blew It!’s entire catalog). The transition from calm intro to a chorus of sweaty bearded men makes me feel empowered. Here, it’s easy to draw comparisons with Canadian duo Japandroids. The subtle yet noteworthy chorus is sung over a punchy guitar harmony. As the album winds down, the final line of You Blew It!’s second album leaves the listener with closure after an exhausting battle with others and with oneself. “Maybe things aren’t quite as bad as I let myself believe.” 

Live Music: “Don’t Wake the Neighbors” EP Release Show featuring: Ricin House, yogurt smoothness, The Dull Blades, & The Vivid

Friday night was a great night for music. The Vivid celebrated the release of their first EP Don’t Wake the Neighbors with a star-studded show at Uncle Lou’s. The lineup consisted of Ricin House, yogurt smoothness, The Dull Blades, and The Vivid, all playing their own brand of garage rock. I’ve seen each band at least a half a dozen times, and consider them all to be some of Orlando’s best talent. Here is at testament of what went down on that crazy hazy night. Enjoy.

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Ricin House

Ricin House is a three piece punk DIY kind of band. Uncle Lou’s is home for Ricin House. They’ve been playing there for years, and the play-on-the-floor dive bar aesthetic works in Ricin’s favor. Seeing them play again at Lou’s reminds me of the time Iain smashed his guitar mid-set and ran out the door, in what could be the most rock n’ roll moment of my life. On stage, or rather on floor, Ricin House sounded better than ever, and the chemistry between band members is clear. Mercy plays the drums with more ferocity than anyone I’ve ever seen. She beats the holy hell out of her kit every time I see Ricin, and every wallop is technical and precise. Bassist Brian is similar. Together they build a tight rhythm section for Iain to go batshit all over. Iain’s guitar is unpredictable and wild. But, his voice is soulful, yet gritty, which made songs like “Simon” pop.

Find out more about Ricin House.

yogurt smoothness

What is there to say about yogurt smoothness that hasn’t already been said? Coming off their “Heavy Cream 2013 Tour,” these boys are still hungry for more tasty jams, and they proved that at Lou’s. Danilo said early in the set that they’re tired of playing their new songs, and because Orlando is where they cut their teeth, their old music was warmly welcomed.  During their set, I overheard The Vivid’s Brandon Kasper saying, “They sound different every time,” and that’s what yogurt smoothness do. They come out. Do their thing. And blow your mind with something new. EVERY TIME. Friday was no different.

Read my world renowned article: Hometown Heroes: Yogurt Smoothness

Find out more about yogurt smoothness.

The Dull Blades

If I were to summarize my freshman of college in one album, it would be The Dull Blades’ Less Production More Seduction. That year I probably saw The Dull Blades at least eight times. Friday however, had been over a year since I had seen the two-some of Nik Talbot and Anthony Fata blow my fucking doors off with blues rock wonderment. They came rushing back with a set of new songs from their upcoming second album (rumor has it that it’s titled Indullgence, but I didn’t say shit about that). On floor, Nik and Anthony are wonder twins of rock, with grooves so sweet you can’t help but dance. Nik’s guitar playing and voice make the ladies, and some men, swoon. Along with Anthony’s experience and power, The Dull Blades sound like a more interesting version of The Black Keys.

Find out more about The Dull Blades.

The Vivid

It’s their show, and they’ll rock if they want to. The Vivid closed out the night with some experimental garage punk. With the release of their first EP Don’t Wake the Neighbors, (review pending) The Vivid were on a high at the show. Their opener was “Riser,” the first single from DWTN. The song is a perfect description of the band, starting off with a reverb doused extended intro of shoegaze bliss, then coming down with a heavy riff, before settling into the chorus’ groove. As their set progressed, The Vivid played DWTN in its entirety, showcasing their different musical styles. I’ll talk more about DWTN in my full review, so stay tuned for that. Having been at almost every show The Vivid has played, I’ve seen them grow as a band. The harmonies between Cory Young and Brandon Kasper were tighter than ever, and with an ever-expanding arsenal of songs, the future for The Vivid looks very bright.

Find out more about The Vivid.

Hometown Heroes: Yogurt Smoothness

Today, we’re getting smooth. Or should I say heavy? No matter how you say it, all you have to do is listen, and you will know that experimental rock duo Yogurt Smoothness is awesome. This one hits close to home, because Yogurt Smoothness are an Orlando band, and I’ve been them for a while. They’re new EP Heavy Cream just came out, and now the duo is hitting the road to promote it. Enjoy.

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Keepin’ it smooth

I got to see Yogurt Smoothness kick off their “Heavy Cream 2013 Tour,” Thursday night at local bar/venue, Will’s Pub, located on Mills Avenue. Joining them were: Portals, Tyler NO, and Join Hands. Unfortunately, I had to leave halfway through Yogurt Smoothness’ set, morning classes suck, but I’d seen the band a few times before. Yogurt Smoothness has been around since 2006, they cut their chops right here in Orlando, and consistently put on a great show. Brian Stabile (drums/vocals) and Danilo Krkljus (guitar/vocals) connect on stage, and when they get in a groove, they are easily one of the top Orlando bands. Both are excellent musicians, Brain pounds away like a tribal warrior on his extravagant drum set, and Danilo uses a Frankenstein’s Monster set up, equipped with both a bass amp and a regular guitar amp, that will make your ears bleed. The two create a wall of sound, punching you in the chest, demanding lunch money.

Heavy Cream is the band’s third EP, follow-up to 2011’s Live Forever. Lead single, “Glazed” is a mid-tempo stroll through the park on acid. The guitar is friendly, but when the fuzzed vocals come in, things don’t seem so innocent anymore.

“Heavy Cream 2013 Tour” Dates:

  • Oct 3: Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub w/ Portals, Caribou King, Grey Market
  • Oct 4: Gainesville, @ Mars w/ 8Track Automatic
  • Oct 5: Atlanta, GA @ House Show tba w/ pillage and plunder, slambo
  • Oct 6: Clarksville, TN @ The Coup w/ Vela Ceras
  • Oct 7: Asheville, NC @ The Apothecary w/ TEAM, Church Jerks
  • Oct 8: Raleigh, NC @ Slims Downtown w/ Bird Step
  • Oct 9: Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar w/ tba
  • Oct 10: Brooklyn, NY @ The Flat w/ lost coves, goodnight darlings
  • Oct 11: Boston, MA @ Roggies w/ the scimitar (ex black piramid)
  • Oct 12: TBA
  • Oct 13: Hartford, CT @ house show tba w/ stone titan
  • Oct 14: TBA
  • Oct 15: Providence, RI @Dusk w/ tba
  • Oct 16: NJ @ house show w/ Space Drugs
  • Oct 17: New London, CT @ el n gee club w/ tba
  • Oct 18: Brooklyn, NY @ Close Encounters
  • Oct 19: Atlantic City, NJ @ The Boneyard
  • Oct 20: TBA
  • Oct 21: TBA
  • Oct 22: Columbus, OH @ Tree Bar w/ pegasister
  • Oct 23: TBA
  • Oct 24: Athens, GA @ The MAX
  • Oct 25: Saint Augustine, FL @ Panama Hatties w/ artilect, the groynoodle
  • Oct 26: Orlando, FL @ Uncle Lous w/ Holly Hunt

Preview all of Heavy Cream.