vanessa’s bday bonanza (gig photos)

This was a good night. All the bands kicked, per usual, and Lou’s was filled with great vibes. Thanks to Vanessa for throwing a rad party. Thanks to Karina for taking pictures. And thanks to Vanessa’s orange cup for keeping the birthday girl turnt. Enjoy.

(5/6) A Big Birthday Bonanza at Uncle Lou’s

We don’t need a reason to party, but we got one. Vanessa, the amazing drummer from Wet Nurse, has a birthday next week, and on May 6, a celebration will spill from the walls of Uncle Lou’s, flooding Mill’s 50. Wet Nurse will playing – hopefully after some bday shots – and Me Chinese and Thee Wilt Chamberlain will be providing additional songs to get shitfaced to. I’ve seen Me Chinese drink, and believe me, if the other bands keep up, next Wednesday has the potential to be the drunkest show of the year. Enjoy.

Wet Nurse

Twitter: @wetnursefl
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Me Chinese

Twitter: @mechinesenochew
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Thee Wilt Chamberlain

Twitter: @TheeWilt
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