MEGUMI – “Milkweed”

MEGUMI – “Milkweed” (prod. by Dromes)

ORL producer Dromes has a knack for working with incredible female voices/songwriters. Island Science. Priest. Steffaloo. Delia Albert. DVWEZ. He finds these bright stars and makes them shine even brighter. Beautiful beats combine with giant hooks and my favorite pop songs are born.

The latest creation he has his hand in is the debut song from MEGUMI. I know very little about her other than that she’s from ORL and, from the moment a few piano keys exploded into a field of bass, bells, recorder, and other happy sounds, I loved “Milkweed.” MEGUMI’s sugary voice conjures a  very sunny commercial where  people are dancing with primary-colored scarves. But she’s not selling overpriced jeans. She’s selling happiness in the face of hardships.

you ask what i have to lose
ten pounds and an attitude
part me wants part of you
all of this makes me confused

A light blue breeze seems to blow away all of MEGUMI’s problems as bombs fall “one by one.” The instrumental beams like childhood. I can’t find anything to be sad about when I listen to this song; I’m protected by its shade. This young artist needs to release more joy into the world.