Someday River Day Changer single review live photos

Someday River – “Day Changer” (single review + live photos)

I love to paint too. Whenever I paint, it’s not about anything. It’s just about color. You know, working with color and blending. I rarely clean my brush. I just continuously mix colors without cleaning. 

This is how you describe Someday River. You can’t fit them within the confines of a rigorously structured genre. Believe me! I’ve heard people try. I’ve tried. You can’t do it. You sound like an upset three-year-old, fumbling your words. The apt portrait above was  Someday River’s Greyson Charnock talking to me about painting. It was the moment where I really understood Someday River’s bright colors.

“Day Changer” is the first single from Someday River’s upcoming Sleeping Sideways EP, out May 13. One listen reveals classic Someday River — meaning you’ve never heard anything quite like it. The spacey head-nodding is there. Greyson’s echoed vocals reverberate like tuning forks in the mist. A three piece is elevated to moon colony size. 

The free-floating vocals and guitar are pulled in by the trio’s tight rhythm section, Kyle Fournier and Sean Boyle. You’d think anything that went along with those expressive elements would be masked. Instead, Kyle’s bass lines push to the front with Greyson’s guitar, right where they belong. A snappy beat adds weight. These three voices perfectly intertwine and we have one cohesive song, not three separate parts. The mission is clear: make humanity dance like aliens.

“Hurry up and wait for it,” a phrase any artist, musical or not, is familiar with. We are constantly told to improve, to grow. And for most of us, this is what we want to do. But when outside forces restrict you from development — whether it be financial stability, self-satisfaction, or other things “functioning adults” do — it’s incredibly frustrating. “Day Changer” is Someday River taking matters into their own hands.

I try not to get stuck on the style of the music … It doesn’t matter if it’s the same genre, but I try to hold myself to the same level as bands I respect. I don’t want to be like, “I would listen to this all day long, but I wouldn’t listen to my shit.”

An excerpt from “[Someday River]: Linear Abstraction & Christmas Sweaters”

If you’re in Orlando, Someday River’s Sleeping Sideways EP release show is on May 13. I saw them at House of Blues a couple of weeks of back. Enjoy.

Someday River Day Changer single review live photos

Someday River Day Changer single review live photos

Someday River Day Changer single review live photos

Someday River Day Changer single review live photos

Someday River Day Changer single review live photos

Someday River Day Changer single review live photos

Someday River Day Changer single review live photos

Future Islands – “Seasons (BADBADNOTGOOD Remix)”

I cannot handle that drum beat. It’s so snappy! The whole track received an excellent shot of cool jazz from Toronto trio, BADBADNOTGOOD. The upstroked guitar provides an exclamation at every swipe. I think I need to pull out my fancy-man tobacco pipe for this one. Care to join? Enjoy.

The original mix:

Dec△des In Sp△in – ‘Light/Science/Primer’ EP

In October 2013, Orlando-based progressive garage group Decades In Spain released their debut, self-titled EP. What struck me most about Decades In Spain was the bright guitar work of Marc Hernandez and Alex Langfur. The band’s latest EP Light/Science/Primer, released yesterday, is no different – in fact, everything has expanded. The two juxtapose thick distorted chords with a crispy, intricate web of melodies and solos. Throughout the EP, the guitar tones are always mutating, creating a fresh atmosphere with each new song.

Both song structure and production have both been greatly improved upon, with mixing credits going to Ryan Roman. Overall, Decades In Spain have crafted a handful of really enjoyable tunes. They’re improving as a band, and I will continue look forward to all their future output. Enjoy.

Decades In Spain are playing a show with Transcendental Telecom, Zap Dragon & the Attack, and Clean Demon at The Copper Rocket this Saturday. Give Light/Science/Primer a listen, and if you like what you hear, go check ’em out!

Ghosthouse – “Carry On”

OOOooo scary! Ghosts! It’s Halloween. But, these ghost don’t want to spook; they want to party. Do you feel that bass? It’s not frightening, but it will definitely send shivers up your spine. Is that a fucking disco guitar solo? You’re damn right! Let’s exorcise those funking demons! Chicago boys Ghosthouse are all about fun, and I am very much about it. “I can be your Clark Kent, baby. You can be my Louis Lane.” Carry on boys! Enjoy.

Get down at Ghosthouse’s Soundcloud!

The New Lows – “This Crime”

Fuck you, pop punk. Seriously, anytime I hear the term “pop punk,” all I can think of is washed-out guitar music, drained of all real punk attitude. Pop punk is not punk music with sweet melodies – hell, most songs of any have some sort of catchy element – it’s punk music at its most generic: repetitive guitar, lackluster vocals, and whiny bullshit. OK, you get the idea. Unnecessary rant over.

I say all of this, because Orlando boys The New Lows‘ new track “This Crime” is the antithesis of my earlier ramblings. It has soul – punk soul, but soul all the same. The guitar is repetitive, but with purpose. And vocalist Mike Levin is no Susan Boyle, but his spitfire lines are not short on passion. I’m glad to hear The New Lows continuing to carry Orlando punk scene’s black flag – pun intended – with joyous new anthems. So thank you, The New Lows. And fuck you, pop punk. Enjoy.

The New Lows are playing The Fest 13, so get on that shit!

Hear more at The New Low’s Bandcamp.

Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment – “No Better Blues”

Chance really is one of the most uniquely emotive MCs in hip hop. Take this track fore example: Chance raps in a monotone voice as he lists everything hates in his existence. There’s no anger in his words, just a looming depression. Chance’s character in “No Better Blues” is hopelessly numb. His hate is really a passive unfeeling that is beautifully depicted by the both Chance and the stripped instrumental. Enjoy.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “Hot Water”

Has the flute ever sounded so sexy? I’m not sure. I’m not much of a flute enthusiast, and that is because most isn’t backed by a brilliant psychedelic glow. The chorus vocal snakes itself into the flute melody, creating a cool and catchy groove that I can get into. So, Bethany, the 11-year-old Lawton Chiles Middle Academy flutist that I despised, eat your heart out! You ain’t got shit on King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Enjoy.

Run The Jewels – “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)” (feat. Zack de la Rocha)

Does the term “banger” offend you? If so, then you might call this track an up-tempo anthem with snappy snares and brick-hard spitting. I however, prefer the less convoluted noun, banger. No matter what you call it, this song presents three MC’s in top form. Run The Jewels is a rap syndicate, composed of two modern-day wordsmiths: Killer Mike and El-P. “Close Your Eyes” is the latest track teasing their second full-length, RTJ2. On their latest preview, Run The Jewels are joined by Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha, who I haven’t heard form in some time, but hasn’t lost the beat. He instead, kills the beat and leaves it on the curb. Enjoy.