Stuyedeyed – ‘Cursed’

Back in March, we did a show/fundraiser called WE ARE ANIMALS. Right after the show was announced, RJ from Witch Kings/The Welzeins told me he knew a touring-band that was looking for a gig in Orlando. So, he sent me their album. Stuyedeyed’s fuzz-stained psychedelia felt like taking a lava lamp to the face. And at the show, they kept us out late with the most energetic set that’s ever taken place at 4AM. These Brooklynites have just released a new three song EP, Cursed. Just as I’ve gotten the last of the glass out of my gums, they hit me again. Enjoy.

Washer – “Rot”

Is it possible for a song to be beautifully lazy? If the lethargic elements in question add to the song’s overall tone, then I’d say yes. Case in point, NYC duo Washer’s couch-locked anthem, “Rot”. The vocals are less-than-eager. The slide guitar slinks around, as if to say, “eh.” When the song explodes, it does so out of idle frustration. “Rot” is about the realization that your life is slipping away, but knowing you lack the motivation to do anything about it. “All I wanna do is rot.” Enjoy.

Hear more from Washer on their Bandcamp.