Spies on Bikes – Speakermix Vol 11.

Spies on Bikes is the stage name of Cleveland music producer, Nathan Cochran. He is currently signed to Orlando-based electronic label Relief In Abstract, which is how I found out about Cochran and this mix. If you never thought you would enjoy listening to a mashup of Mystikal and the Bee Gees, or Katy Perry and the Baja Men, then be prepared to beg for forgiveness. For 28 minutes, Spies on Bikes mashes all your favorite guilty pleasures into one deliciously enjoyable music smoothie. Enjoy.

Phoenix + the Flower Girl – “Yes, She Knows (Fortune Howl Remix)”

Recently, Orlando music producer and Relief in Abstract artist Fortune Howl released this very fluid remix of “Yes, She Knows” by Phoenix + the Flower Girl. Like his original work, the track has a similar Fortune Howl abstract formula. His music is incredibly lava lamp-esque, continually flowing and morphing into strange shapes and vibrant colors. Whenever I hear a Fortune Howl song, I get this disturbing feeling that at anytime I could be attacked by some sort of shadowy monster. But it’s just too damn cool to not enjoy. So. Enjoy.