Caribou – “Can’t Do Without You” (Remixes)

Caribou’s album Our Love has been on non-stop as of late. The opener “Can’t Do Without You” is undoubtedly one of the best tracks of 2014, these remixes by Lenno, Munk & The Black Loops, and Tale Of Us & Mano Le Tough are as infectious. I couldn’t choose one, so you got three. Which is your favorite? Enjoy.

Caribou is playing at The Social next Tuesday! I’ll be there, so should you.

The Original:


HAIM – “My Song 5” (MOVEMENT Version)

A dark and brooding take on Haim’s “My Song 5” by Austrian trio Movement. The beats feel like an eerie ride to the gallows, and Danelle Haim’s vocals are the twisted hangman’s final send-offs. You can hear another remix of the song by A$AP Ferg here. Enjoy.

Phoenix + the Flower Girl – “Yes, She Knows (Fortune Howl Remix)”

Recently, Orlando music producer and Relief in Abstract artist Fortune Howl released this very fluid remix of “Yes, She Knows” by Phoenix + the Flower Girl. Like his original work, the track has a similar Fortune Howl abstract formula. His music is incredibly lava lamp-esque, continually flowing and morphing into strange shapes and vibrant colors. Whenever I hear a Fortune Howl song, I get this disturbing feeling that at anytime I could be attacked by some sort of shadowy monster. But it’s just too damn cool to not enjoy. So. Enjoy.

SALES – “toto (XXYYXX Remix)”

An Orlando producer shapes his own version of an already great track, originally created by a fellow Orlando act. The result is refreshing. Listen to the original below, and catch SALES next week at Will’s with Maximino, Pathos Pathos, and The Welzeins. Enjoy.

T.I. – “About The Money (Remix feat. Killer Mike & Young Thug)”

“About The Money” is my favorite song of this summer. Maybe you think I’m crazy, but I seriously can not get enough of Young Thug’s quirky spurts of energy, or how his flow sounds like maple syrup is constantly dripping out of his mouth. I ran upon this remix yesterday, and while I do think Killer Mike kills it (LoL), I wish they hadn’t cut Thug’s verse out. The song is completely changed; where Thug’s verse may have been noticeably less technical, his charisma meshed incredibly with the swagger of the song. How could anyone justify removing a verse with the line, “I’m going fishin’ with these little bitty shrimp dips,”? Let me know which version you enjoy more. Follow for more $wag. Enjoy.