Ugly Orange Pop Up Orlando

Ugly Orange Presents: Orange Punch! A Pop-Up Series Vol. 2 (photos)

In the span of a few months, Ugly Orange has organized a slew of notable Orlando shows sporting local and touring acts. Their stomping grounds has been The Milk District’s Spacebar, but in October UO spreading their tailored events to Uncle Lou’s and Will’s Pub. Between packed, sweaty shows we’ve been witness to the subtle, acoustic pop-up shows dubbed Orange Punch!.

The first was held at dusk in the front yard of co-organizer Hannah. The second was last Sunday’s family brunch, topped off with mimosas and adult iced-coffee. Four voices accompanied by acoustic guitar sang until mid-afternoon. Grove Wanderer and Julia Joyce reverberated inside a wooden shed before the heat pushed the party outside for Greyson Charnock (Someday River) and Andrew Corbit (Slumberjack).

Keep an eye out for the next edition of Orange Punch–it’ll sneak up on ya. And if you’d like to get your dose of vitamin C sooner, come to Spacebar this Thursday for Ugly Orange Presents / Slumberjack / Teen Divorce / DON KNG.






























Orlando Fringe Fest


Orlando Fringe Fest is an institution, the longest running US version of the culture festival. Last Wednesday, The Vinyl Warhol and Shows I Go To hosted the WPRK Outdoor Stage where five of our favorite Orlando acts showed the primarily theater and performance art fest the strength of Orlando music. My BFF Joel Cameron captured the magic. In order, the performances were: Gary Lazer Eyes, Greyson of Someday River, THE STATES, Zap Dragon & The Attack, and Pathos, Pathos. Enjoy.

Orlando Fringe Fest

Orlando Fringe Fest

Orlando Fringe Fest

Orlando Fringe Fest

Orlando Fringe Fest

Orlando Fringe Fest

Orlando Fringe Fest

Orlando Fringe Fest

Orlando Fringe Fest

Orlando Fringe Fest

Orlando Fringe Fest

Orlando Fringe Fest

Orlando Fringe Fest

Orlando Fringe Fest

Orlando Fringe Fest

Orlando Fringe Fest

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?!? The Vinyl Warhol & Shows I Go To @ Orlando Fringe Fest ?!? | Wednesday, May 25

This year, Orlando Fringe Fest turns 25. I’m 22. Orlando’s most giving organizers have brought the Orlando music, theater, and art communities together since before I was born. And this year, Orlando music websites The Vinyl Warhol (us) and Shows I Go To (where I serve as Exec. Editor) are throwing a hugeee show on the FREE WPRK Outdoor Stage in Lochaven Park. Come out May 25 to see a stacked lineup (check the bands below) of some of our favorite Orlando musicians. We’ve tailored this show to perfectly fit the outdoor festival ethos, so be ready to grab a beer and soak in the Fringe. Music starts at 7 sharp. Enjoy.


Gary Lazer Eyes (7:00–7:30)

If you recognize the song below, it’s because we premiered it a little less than a month ago. Gary Lazer Eyes are an Orlando quartet making moves into indie/alt rock after a long time in island and ska influenced music. This band features SIGT staff writer Sean Gray. He’s been an incredible addition to the staff, and my favorite work from him is his “Thank You…” series, where he expounds on his love for new releases by his favorite musicians like Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, and Alabama Shakes.

Greyson of Someday River (7:30–8:15)

I am so excited for Grey to play the Fringe Stage. If you’re at all into the Orlando music scene, you know about his indie pscyh three-piece Someday River–he serves as vocalist, guitar, and whatever you call a boy on a drum pad (drummer boy?). They’ve just released their debut EP Sleeping Sideways and have been hitting the Florida market hard with shows. If you haven’t seen Someday River before this is a perfect step into their music. If you have, come see the mystical aura of the band stripped down to its core voice. 

THE STATES (8:30–9:00)

Recently, THE STATES have relocated to Orlando–smart. In the last few months, they’ve been a part of 64 North’s free Monday series and in December played SIGT’s Paris Benefit Art Show. Their sound is light and punchy indie rock, a perfect soundtrack to play as the sun sets on a beautiful Fringe day. SIGT founder Mitchel described them as “all the good parts of Mumford & Sons,” but I’d like to clarify that they’re about X 1000 better than that.

Zap Dragon & The Attack (9:15–9:45)

Zap Dragon has been an elusive force in the Orlando scene for a quite some time now. They pop up and bills with punk bands, indie bands, I’ve even seen them play right before a bluegrass quintet. They’re fronted by “Diamond” David Zimlinghaus, a man with a mouth. “Sicko” was the first song I heard from the band, and Dave’s lyrics felt so angry and real that I could have sworn the song was written about me. “I got a problem with everything and everything’s got a problem with me.”

Pathos, Pathos (10:00–10:45)

Pathos, Pathos be on that OG TVW. I’ve covered these guys for what seems like forever now. They played our first ever show, and I’m beyond excited to see them close Fringe on Wednesday evening. I just saw the four cuties live for the sixth or seventh time and they played a bunch of new tracks off their upcoming Pet Names album. Peak my full review of the project’s first single, “Summer Nights.”


Someday River Day Changer single review live photos

Someday River – “Day Changer” (single review + live photos)

I love to paint too. Whenever I paint, it’s not about anything. It’s just about color. You know, working with color and blending. I rarely clean my brush. I just continuously mix colors without cleaning. 

This is how you describe Someday River. You can’t fit them within the confines of a rigorously structured genre. Believe me! I’ve heard people try. I’ve tried. You can’t do it. You sound like an upset three-year-old, fumbling your words. The apt portrait above was  Someday River’s Greyson Charnock talking to me about painting. It was the moment where I really understood Someday River’s bright colors.

“Day Changer” is the first single from Someday River’s upcoming Sleeping Sideways EP, out May 13. One listen reveals classic Someday River — meaning you’ve never heard anything quite like it. The spacey head-nodding is there. Greyson’s echoed vocals reverberate like tuning forks in the mist. A three piece is elevated to moon colony size. 

The free-floating vocals and guitar are pulled in by the trio’s tight rhythm section, Kyle Fournier and Sean Boyle. You’d think anything that went along with those expressive elements would be masked. Instead, Kyle’s bass lines push to the front with Greyson’s guitar, right where they belong. A snappy beat adds weight. These three voices perfectly intertwine and we have one cohesive song, not three separate parts. The mission is clear: make humanity dance like aliens.

“Hurry up and wait for it,” a phrase any artist, musical or not, is familiar with. We are constantly told to improve, to grow. And for most of us, this is what we want to do. But when outside forces restrict you from development — whether it be financial stability, self-satisfaction, or other things “functioning adults” do — it’s incredibly frustrating. “Day Changer” is Someday River taking matters into their own hands.

I try not to get stuck on the style of the music … It doesn’t matter if it’s the same genre, but I try to hold myself to the same level as bands I respect. I don’t want to be like, “I would listen to this all day long, but I wouldn’t listen to my shit.”

An excerpt from “[Someday River]: Linear Abstraction & Christmas Sweaters”

If you’re in Orlando, Someday River’s Sleeping Sideways EP release show is on May 13. I saw them at House of Blues a couple of weeks of back. Enjoy.

Someday River Day Changer single review live photos

Someday River Day Changer single review live photos

Someday River Day Changer single review live photos

Someday River Day Changer single review live photos

Someday River Day Changer single review live photos

Someday River Day Changer single review live photos

Someday River Day Changer single review live photos

just some shows. (1:6-1:11)

just some shows. (1/6 – 1/11)


Punk On The Patio

The brain child of Marshal Rones, booker at Foundations Presents and commissioner of Olde 64’s free Monday shows, Punk On The Patio is a soon-to-be monthly series of local bands (not just punk), playing to the open air nightclub, The Patio. Oxygen lovers rejoice! Your time is now!

This first installment features three bands, none of which fit the “punk” label to a safety pin point, but all whom possess the snotty grit associated with the culture. Out Go The Lights, possibly the furthest from punk, use harsh winds of technically tight noise to create sound cyclones. Slumberjack are a noisy two-piece with the voice of hundreds. And Flashlights~~ Prepared to get pounded. They’ll be your closers, spewing fuzzy vomit into the open air like very clean cat. Good thing this show is outside; I’m not sure four walls could handle it.

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Judging by the Cover

In 2015, Time Waste Management, a non-profit dedicated to empowering local artists, opened the doors to their A Place Gallery. The space was gutted and turned into a pristine venue for paintings, book releases, and performance art. On January 7 and 9, it will house a festival of zines from the likes of Bad Anime, Is It Over Yet?, Late to the Party, So Evolved, and Tittie-Thyme. Additional zines will be out for patrons via TWM’s own zine library.

If you’ve yet to experience Orlando’s zine community, take this opportunity to dive right in.

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Priest, Saskatchewan, & Day Joy

For some stupid reason, I haven’t seen Priest yet … and that’s stupid. Their blissfully atmospheric self-tiled debut was the soundtrack to many dreary, and just generally emotive, drives. The synthpop twosome are sharing The Social’s stage with fellow auditory meteorologists, Saskatchewan and Day Joy.

The former makes bipolar indie pop that could radiate the best day of your life, or mark the crypt of your grave. The voice of Chandler Strang can go from an smooth to haunting within the confines of one song, furthering these two emotional opposites.

The latter also shines, but in a more personal way. Day Joy’s folk-influenced shoegaze brings the clouds back to earth, fogging genres. I can firmly say that you should not miss one out of the three of these bands. GoOd ViBeS coming ur way~~

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Body//Talk: Island Science & Someday River

The B//T DJs you met that one time at a party, but love to dance to, are teaming up with two mint Orlando bands — one old, one new — to curdle The Milk District until dawn — probably until more like two in the morning.

Someday River (formerly Bellows) are the vets. They’ve seen da shit and are pros at live performances. I’m pretty sure new music is coming in 2016, so stay close children; Uncle Someday River is coming to tell you about his military days.

The three fresh, young faces of Island Science’s members are playing live for the first time on Saturday. They’ve released a slew of singles (find two of them here and here), which is brilliant, because they already feel like a band I know. I have no idea what their set will bring, but I’m eager to see the poppy trio prove themselves to a Body//Talk crowd.

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Ladies in Experimental Music

The musical product brought by one person is oftentimes surprising. The task of building large, multi-layered song structures by yourself is no easy feat, akin to an artist painting live. Monday at The Space Station, a crowd will see three ladies attempt to string instruments together and entertain. What makes this opportunity even more interesting is that many of these “instruments” aren’t the traditional ones we’re used to.

New York City touring artist Alexa Dexa uses toy pianos and bells as her tools. Orlando’s Tiger Fawn chooses to loop the pounding animal bones and finger-sized cymbals. The third of these musketeers, Renee is a Zombie, also incorporates looping technology, but uses accordion and classical guitar as her paints. Each of these artists appears raw before their audience, who are expecting more than your everyday singer-songwriter. I seriously doubt they will disappoint.

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SWEATER FEST 2015 (preview + playlist)

 “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”
— Jesus (son of God)

SWEATER FEST 2014 was a landmark event. The night served as my introduction to incredible acts (and now, friends): Tiger Fawn, Someday River (at the time they were called Bellows), Fast Preacher, and ARK. On Saturday, December 19, I will again don my horrendous knitted outerwear and head to The Milk District for SWEATER FEST 2015. And this year’s lineup … oh yeah. Here’s a little taste test of the sweaty sweater goodness in-store, provided by your friends at Happy Camper Booking. Enjoy.

 If you’re at all familiar with this shitty website, you should recognize at least one of the bands on the bill. For some tight, feel-good grooves with a track record of dance hall boogie-woogie, check out Fat Night and Thrift House. When speaking of Fat Night’s 2015 EP, Lazy Days, TVW staff writer Graham Johnson had this to say:

The organ and guitar carry you throughout the album on waves of reverb and pure groove, inviting you to experience the graceful dance of the two instruments, performed by talented hands.

(Note: Fat Night are relocating to Chicago very soon, so this may be one of your last opportunities to see them kick ass, at least in the near future.)

I, myself, can vouch for Thrift House. This six-piece has only been playing live since September, but don’t be mistaken, Thrift House’s members are no spring chickens — this talent has spread itself all over Whorelando and beyond.

Maybe you consider yourself more of a rocker.”” Don’t fret little one; Daytona Beach doom woppers, Harum Scarum, and silly psych space aliens, Timothy Eerie, have the dance vitamins you crave, but with a really big muff (not what you think, but they probably don’t even use that pedal).

Rounding out this cozy, yet itchy, evening are SWIMM, Someday River, and Die Tryins. SWIMM, who jump back-and-forth between Orlando and Los Angeles, are indie poppy rocky sweetness, not unlike SWEATER FEST vets Someday River, who express the same sugary melodies, but with a cool funk. Die Tryins, on the other hand, are in a toe-tapping, indie bluegrass lane all their own. This band, formerly known as Goodrich & The Die Tryins, features Happy Camper’s Dave Hanson. He could have chosen to play with any of numerous bands he’s a part of, but he chose this one. That should convince you.

As if that wasn’t enough for your greedy commercialist ass, Frankasaurus Fresh will be hosting a silent disco on an outdoor stage. All of this for only $10. Doors are at 7, music starts at 8, and by 9, we may end the war against Christmas. Who knows?