Veiny Hands Release “Mountain Goat” Video

St. Pete darlings Veiny Hands have been kicking ass for a year-and-a-half now, but they’ve really turned up the heat on this new song/video. The video, directed and edited by Michelle Primiani, features the foursome ripping through the “Mountain Goat” while their movements blur beneath a saturated filter. Enjoy.

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just some songs

just some songs. (9/14/16)

If you look at my Soundcloud likes, you’ll see that I pretty much only listen to Central Florida artists. And way too often, I let all these really dope songs build up and up and up without reviewing them. Then, periodically, they all come out at once in a segment I call “just some songs.” Enjoy.

Kaiydo — “Fruit Punch”

Kaiydo has come out of nowhere to produce some of the brightest summertime bangers this year. The 19-year-old emcee has been heavily co-signed by huge blogs like Pigeons & Planes with “Fruit Punch” being his biggest hit to date. The instrumental feels like it was made poolside in Miami; Horns heat up the block and when the bass comes in, you’re done. Kaiydo is so confident that he could be spitting in a reclined position. You can’t have more than him because he’s got the summer.

Dog Island — “El Dorado”

Dave Hanson is best known as the quiet half of Slumberjack–his drumming serves as the foundation for partner Andrew Kelly to make a huge, emotional mess on. While touring with the duo, Dave showed me some demos of a solo project he was toiling over. As the man steps from behind the drums to the mic, he produces psychedelic slacker rock as Dog Island. “El Dorado” is the first on his five-song EP, Laniakea. Dave’s personality is all over this release, he sings gently (surrounded by oohs and ahhs), plays a happy acoustic guitar, and smiles through the entire thing.

valleyz — “The Morning” (feat. DVWEZ & Olukara)

Another perfect summer song, “The Morning” combines the angelic voice of DVWEZ, the cocky slur of CLE-to-NYC rapper Olukara, and the child-like wonder of a beat by valleyz. The sweet dinging sounds like they were made by Fisher-Price. It varies in speed depending on who’s over it, switching from light and playful for DVWEZ to a quick burst for Olukara’s bars. The conversation between the two is passionate and natural. These two need to get together again.

Rogerthomas — “Thas Wassup”

St. Peterburg is lucky to have multi-instrumentalist and producer Rogerthomas–can ORL borrow him? He combines the delicate plucking of nylon classical guitar strings with drum and bass beats to create a topographical map without words. “Thas Wassup” has peaks and valleys. One moment it’s full of ticks, synths, smooth bass, and the aforementioned guitar. The next, everything is stripped away and our artist starts again.

native feel — “dont need ur love.”

Allan Duncan is a man of many hats. He skates with the Bev Boys, makes weird, jazzy indie rock with Sailor Ripley, and DJs/produces as native feel. I’m not sure how he made “dont need ur love” or where its pieces come from, but the many rotating sounds over a glitchy D&B instrumental keeps me bobbin’. Who are these two verses by? Why does the song suddenly cut out? More questions than answers, as is this man’s forte.

FayRoy Life and Death video

FayRoy Splash into the Void in “Life and Death” (video premiere)

FayRoy, the beach goth child of Zack Hoag and Kyle Fournier, derive their namesake from an old cottage just west of Tampa on Indian Rocks Beach. Zack describes it as “a decaying beach house from the 1930s that has gone through countless hurricanes and salty beatings, but remains standing with its vibrant key west colors.” They return to that very beach in the video for “Life and Death” (directed by Michael Joseph Azcui) not to enjoy the sun, but to bathe in the black waves of the unknown. Enjoy.

From its first listen, “Life and Death” seemed destined for a visual compliment. The song itself is inspired by the vivid memory of when these young musicians witnessed the shooting of an even younger boy. FayRoy sees death as an inevitable accompaniment to life, “It’s alright. You’re fine. We’re here.” Their instruments also stare into the black void, the unnerving guitars reminiscent of an episode of The Twilight Zone. 

As is the every encroaching touch of death, the visuals are eerie and vague in nature. Single lights partially illuminate figures standing in the dark ocean. Shadowy hands follow beach-goers across the sand. Zack flees an unknown threat before being pulled into a black van. These hauntingly beautiful shots are layered over one another, making the darkness even darker and the bright lights even brighter.

“Life and Death” is off FayRoy’s upcoming album Heaven at 27, out this October. They want to give a shout out to their friends who helped out on the beach that night: Ali Potier, Dan Graves, Steve Bradford, Austen Kugler, Amanda Lindsay, Mari Sabra, and Leah Weiler.

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Soapbox Soliloquy - "Besiege My Keep" Video

Soapbox Soliloquy – ‘Closeface//Ghostface’ ep

There’s sort of mutual respect between psychedelic dreampop and sweltering heat. The light guitars and blurred vocals always seem to be my soundtrack to melt to. Maybe this realization is only coming out because I’m currently listening to the new Soapbox Soliloquy while sitting outside in minimal shade, but after the heatstroke kicks in and my bones dissolve, I’ll be a happy puddle of goo.  

Soapbox Soliloquy is the monicker of St. Pete singer-songwriter, Jasmine Deja. I really dug the EP, Clothed in Cost, she released last summer, and since then, she’s come out with two more, the most recent being late-July’s Closeface//Ghostface. Deja is more monumental than ever on this new EP. A huge chunk of the acoustic strumming has been replaced with walls of clanging guitars, and the vocals are more prominent in the mix, varying from Ty Segall-esque wails to ghostly hums.  

Tomorrow, Soapbox Soliloquy is playing a show at Space Station with fellow St. Pete fam, Sonic Graffiti, and Orlando’s fuzz alien, Timothy Eerie. I could be wrong, but this may be the first time she’s played in Orlando. Either way, it’s free, so yeah. Enjoy.