FREE SAMPLES: Saturday @ Will’s Pub, Girls on the Beach, The Lovers Key, The Young Psychedelics, & The Suit Swingers

Go ahead, have a taste. It’s free to sample, but if you want the real thing, you’re going to have to shell out a few bucks, and believe me, it will definitely be worth it. Enjoy.

HOLY SHIT! This show is only $5.

Girls on the Beach

If I remember correctly, Girls on the Beach played the first show I caught after moving to Orlando. Fingers crossed that we’ll get to hear some new music from them on Saturday.

Catch up with Girls on the Beach at their Bandcamp!

The Lovers Key

This one’s personal. While working at Noisy Ghost, I had the privilege of pushing The Lovers Key’s debut single “Bright Eyes, Black Soul,” and I was instantly floored by their neo-soul sound. Warning: I fully plan on dancing my heart out. Feel free to join me. No shame.

Hear more on the Noisy Ghost PR Soundloud.

The Young Psychedelics

Oh, how embarrassing. For some reason, Reverb Nation won’t let me embed one of The Young Psychedelics‘ songs, but you can listen to their Daydreamer EP here. Fuck Reverb Nation.

The Suit Swingers

Starting the night with some blues rock, The Suit Swingers are a fairly new Orlando outfit that are itching the prove themselves.

Hear The Suit Swingers’ demo on Bandcamp.

The Raveonettes – “Z-Boys”

The boys and girls of summer are packing away their sun-bleached memories, and dragging their feet into a new semester of institutionalized learning. They eagerly wait for the school bell, an alarm that means freedom for a few fleeting moments. Waiting and waiting, for another moment to soak in the summer sun. Enjoy.

Read more about The Raveonettes, and catch their new album Pe’ahi out now! I was going to review it, but didn’t! It’s good though.

Album Review: Mac DeMarco – “Salad Days”

Mac DeMarco is a Canadian lo-fi indie rock musician, who has just put out his third full-length album, Salad Days. This is my first taste of DeMarco, and his latest work came highly recommended. Let’s explore Salad Days together. Enjoy.

Slacker rock at its most comfortable

The first thing that I notice on Salad Days is DeMarco’s laid-back approach to just about everything. From the first few seconds of the self-titled track, DeMarco has pretty much shown you his method to music. If you listen to “Salad Days” and absolutely loathe everything you hear, don’t bother listening to the rest of the album. You will hate it. DeMarco’s not throwing a change-up any time soon. DeMarco is a 20-something, pot smoking, PBR drinking, chill-out-at-a-barbecue kind of guy. And his mid-tempo, soft strumming, relaxed vocal aesthetic reillustrates what you knew from first glance.

Salad Days is chocked full of these slow burning, gentle beachy indie rock tunes. Unlike other sand-infused artists Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin, DeMarco never shifts gears. Song after song we are met with extremely minimal change. Where Segall can have an album with both metalesque guitar riffs and poppy acoustic tunes, DeMarco is unwavering.

On short and sweet songs like “Blue Boy” and “Brother,” DeMarco’s burnout life feels enticing. You’re entranced into his fluid world, the guitars smooth as silk, and the vocals whisper hooks in your ear. In contrast however, the four minute long “Let My Baby Stay” drags on and on, without ever really going anywhere. By the tenth track “Go Easy,” you’re exhausted of DeMarco’s ever-present slacker mystique, and you suddenly feel the urge to hand-in an application at your local Walgreen’s Pharmacy.  On these songs, DeMarco sounds lazy and uninspired; hell, on “Jonny’s Odyssey,” the album’s closing track, he can’t even be bothered to write lyrics.

But I’m not condemning. DeMarco’s haze-filled universe; I’m just saying I don’t want to live in it for an entirety of an album. But, when Salad Days changes things up, even in just the slightest, it’s revitalizing. “Passing Out Pieces” introduces these catchy synth lines, that are fantastic, and sound like something off an early MGMT album. DeMarco himself sounds rejuvenated by the addition. Unfortunately, after the taste of something new, returning to the original formula in “Treat Her Better,” sounds dull and aged. It’s not a bad song, but pales in comparison to the synth glory of “Passing Out Pieces”.

Thankfully, the synthesizer returns for “Chamber of Reflections,” my favorite off of Salad Days. The track evokes an R&B groove with a cool performance from the rhythm section. DeMarco’s vocals are sly as he repeats the song’s hook “Alone again…” But like “Passing Out Pieces,” the element that really pushes this song to greatness, are the poppy synth lines. And if I had my way, all of DeMarco’s future releases would be loaded with similar infectious melodies. They add depth to his slacker rock mannerisms, and help shake up the album’s slower points.

In all, I’m feeling pretty lukewarm about Salad Days. There are tracks that I enjoy, but the album’s overall monotony has me weary about coming back to DeMarco. If he changes his game up a little more, I’ll be happy to give him another listen. But, if I get another album weighed down by lackluster tunes, than Mac DeMarco will have to sit on his couch and listen to Black Sabbath without me.

Live Music: “Greetings from Orlando” Release Show (feat. DoGs, Thee Wilt Chamberlain, The Welzeins, and Wet Nurse)

And you thought I was done talking about Greetings from Orlando. Hell no. Wednesday’s show marked the official release of the compilation, and featured performances by numerous bands who took part in the Orlando tape. Oh you missed it? Too bad. Kill yourself. There will never be a show of the same caliber. But, there probably will be. This is Orlando. Enjoy.

Wet Nurse is playing a secret show TONIGHT @ The Peacock Room. I sadly have to work, but go out and wish them well!

I reviewed Greetings from Orlando in its entirety. READ PARTS ONEDEUCETHIRDNEXT TO LAST, AND FIN NOW!!!!


You would think that with all my journalistic expertise, I would know the importance of punctuality. Nope. I fucked around, and missed DoGs. But, I did I run into the band at Lou’s, and they are awesome guys. I’ve been giving their album Sports Beer some pretty heavy rotation, and thoroughly enjoy all of it. You’ll hear more about this three-piece very soon. They’re also playing a handful of shows in March, with the last one on the 29th @ Will’s.

Thee Wilt Chamberlain

Thee Wilt Chamberlain brought the feel good energy to Lou’s with their instrumental surf rock sound. In recent news, the band inspired gourmet fast food chain Taco Bell to try breakfast. But, these entrepreneurs true talent lies in their music. On Wednesday, Thee Wilt Chamberlain dished out song after song of head bobbing, toe tapping, hand jiving jams. When’s the last time anyone from Taco Bell did that? Your move TB.

The Welzeins

The Welzeins did what they do best. They brought high energy, catchy tunes, and left bodies in their wake. The high point of their set was the electrifying “Zhark Attack,” the only song in recent history to deserve The Rock’s signature adjective. No date has been announced for the release of their debut-album, but their performance at Lou’s made me giddy with anticipation. Hopefully, they will be able to translate their explosive onto CD without destroying all of Orlando’s eardrums. Though, that would be impressive. Your move boys.

Wet Nurse

Every wonder about a universe without Wet Nurse? Well in this hellish place, both the compilation and the show don’t exist. Those poor bastards. Wet Nurse, freshly practiced and ready to tour, pulled out all the stops. New songs. Old songs. Mosh pits. Guitar solos. AND THOSE HARMONIZED VOCALS. I cannot get enough of this band’s ability to have perfect two part vocal melodies. This was by far the best Wet Nurse show I have ever been to, and SXSW is not ready for fuck storm this foursome is going to unleash. That’s right. A storm of fuck. Hide your dads, kids.

Peace Treats Records – “Greetings from Orlando” PART DEUCE

More jams from Orlando bands. Enjoy.


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Wet Nurse – “My Nature”

Wet Nurse’s contribution comes from their 2012 debut album, Daily Whatever. The whole LP is a furry of punk tunes with sweet pop melodies. Consider it highly recommend. “My Nature” is lively, with quick drums, fast rifts, and a Bikini Kill attitude. The trio has become an Orlando staple, and “My Nature” is a brief glimpse of their authority. I can’t think of a band more fit to carry the Orlando underground music flag, and wish them luck at SXSW and on their upcoming tour. Without Wet Nurse this compilation wouldn’t exist, and I know they will be kicking major ass for years to come.

Hear more from Wet Nurse on their Bandcamp, and don’t miss their tour kick off on March 5 @ Will’s! I’ll be there, come say hi!

Moonmen From Mars – “Babysitter Murders”

Moonmen From Mars throw down one of the psychotic tracks off of Greetings from Orlando (I wouldn’t expect any less from a song titled “Babysitter Murders”).  I wasn’t familiar with Moonmen From Mars before now, but after taking one look at these guys’ Facebook, I realize they are the real deal. No seriously, they are space people who wield instruments, and produce tasty cannibalistic horror-core music. “Babysitter Murders” is not a metaphor. Like the band members themselves, it’s very real.

I couldn’t find any additional music from Moonmen From Mars. Sorry. They still rule.

 DoGs – “Dead Broke”

DoGs bring the noise and the feels with “Dead Broke.” Like other tracks off of Greetings from Orlando, it’s fast and aggressive, but DoGs introduces a level of depth to the compilation. The song immediately has me dancing in the best kind of way, but as I listen, the lyrics grab me. I’m getting a sense of loneliness and bitterness after the collapse of a relationship. The line that gets me the most is, “How could you even say that my words hurt just as much as yours.” “Dead Broke” is a refreshing change of pace, whilst still keeping the compilation’s vibe.

Hear more from DoGs on their Bandcamp! They’ll be playing with Wet Nurse on March 5. Again, get your ass there!

Peace Treats Records – “Greetings from Orlando” PART ONE

If you’re blindly unaware, Orlando has some of the best acts in the world… they also have the best music blog. Recently, Wet Nurse and Peace Treats Records made a mix CD of Orlando bands to take to SXSW. Over the next few entries, I’ll be quickly tearing through this compilation, giving you the best Orlando music money can buy. Enjoy.

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The Welzeins – “Zhark Attack”

The Welzeins kick off the comp the only way they know how: loud “take no prisoners” surf rock. RJ’s vocals are gritty yet catchy, and the force of this song knocks similar California bands off their surfboards. All the Cocoa Beach necessities are here. Ride the waves. Bikini Babes. Shark Attacks. And a thick layer of SPF 1,000 fuzz guitar sunscreen. Apply every two hours for best results.

Hear more from The Welzeins on their Bandcamp! The duo is releasing their debut album soon, so stay tuned for that!

Girls on the Beach – “Way She Walks”

Influenced by “beer, girls, [and] self-loathing,” Girls on the Beach keep the good times rolling. There’s a strong Beach Boys influence, which shows itself in the ooo’s and aaa’s of the background vocals. A mid-tempo walk on the peer is interrupted by a beautiful girl who won’t give her onlookers the time of day. Girls on the Beach have been burning down Orlando since 2011, and with their most recent release coiming out last October, we can only hope they’ll be around for years to come.

Hear more from Girls on the Beach on their Bandcamp!

The Tuff Looks – “Tuff Break”

The Tuff Looks pull us off the beach and into a dark alley. “Tuff Break” has punchy guitar rifts and punk attitudes; the harmonica has never been more intimidating. The dueling male and female vocals create a nice flow, and make the chorus ear gripping. I didn’t know about The Tuff Looks before this compilation, but I look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

Hear more from The Tuff Looks on their Bandcamp!

Stay tuned for part two!

Matt’s Monday Playlist, Third Man Candy Co.

Even though it’s overcast here in Orlando, I’m feeling happy. Usually, I hate the beach, but today I’m feeling some good surf jamz (that’s jams with a “z”). Also, Mondays suck. So here’s a playlist of surf music, along with other songs that I like. Maybe even a few surprises. Enjoy.

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Yay music!

Read my review of ARTPOP!

Third Man Records is making candy?

Yeah, it didn’t make since to me either, but look how tasty it looks?

The different candies available include: a variety of Holiday Libations Marshmallows, Electrified Peppermint Bark, and Smoked Spice Orange Syrup. Along with the recently announced The Great Third Man Turkey Drive, it seems Third Man Records is really getting into the holiday season. What’s next? Jack White releasing a Christmas LP would be pretty crazy, or maybe an in-house Santa Clause?

Track of the Day: Cold Beat – “Worms”

It’s a lazy Sunday over here at The Vinyl Warhol. Today, I’ve got a new track and new band. Grass Widow bassist, Hannah Lew, has just released the first music from her side project, Cold Beat. “Worms” is a short burst of surf rock ecstasy, kind of like this post. Enjoy.

Pre-order: Worms/Year 5772, out November 5

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Beach Party VS Beach Party

Spin recently posted an article about Los Angeles garage surf rock band Beach Party. Upon listening to the their track “Can’t Surf”, I immediately needed more. But, when I googled Beach Party, I found South African surf rock band Beach Party. So, today is Battle of the Beach Partys. Enjoy.

Beach Party (Los Angeles)

Los Angeles based Beach Party just released a free two-song set, composed of “Can’t Surf” and “Fun”. Both songs are killer, straight forward baby punching surf rock with a garage bite. “Can’t Surf” is great beach song, and for a clumsy goon like myself, who could never learn to surf, it hits home. It starts with a nice stroll down the boardwalk, a slow trotting guitar with psychedelic flair, but just when you thought it was safe to go in the water, “I CAN’T SURF!!” tears a chunk out of you. In addition to their kick-ass sound, this band has a heavy-hitter Ty Segall in their corner. Segall, a garage rock god at this point, record the two songs, and if his name on it doesn’t make it gold, then just give them a listen. You can also download all of their tracks for free, what swell gentlemen.

Also, like Beach Party on Facebook.

Beach Party (Cape Town)

Beach Party is surf rock band from South Africa? There are beaches in South Africa, so I guess surf rock music just belongs there. Anyways, Beach Party is from Cape Town, South Africa, and that’s all I can really be sure of. According to their Facebook page they have released nine albums, co-created the genre of heavy metal music, and have sold over 300 million albums… who knew? The only thing I can know for sure about Beach Party, is they rule. This Beach Party seems to have a poppier approach to surf rock, Danny Video’s vocals are really light and catchy over these tunes. It just makes you feel like dancing. I’m dancing while writing this review.

You can download Beach Party’s new album For Now We Are Young for free on their Soundcloud.

Who is the King of the Beach?

So which Beach Party parties harder? Well that’s up to you. Listen to the music, download it if you like, like them on Facebook, and let me know. It’s not really a battle, both these bands are great and they are nice enough to give us music for free. Thanks for reading, and please subscribe.

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