TMD Pop-Up: Premium Spirits at The Social

In December of last year, a dance music event held at Spacebar turned The Milk District venue into a rave of free people speaking the Queens. ORL DJs both fresh-faced and familiar played a night spanning Great Britain’s musical underground; genres like deep house and garage shared the speakers with the grime stylings of Dizzee Rascal and Skepta. The event was called TMD UK. And we were given access for $1.

Fast forward to now and the DJ collective–known only by three consonants “TMD” and their signature smile face–has greatly surpassed the vision its members began with. At least once a month, TMD holds a curated event where people lose their shit. These nights never stale due to the constantly rotating lineup of resident DJs, collaborators, and guests, all sharing their particular tastes. And because this group has always wanted to deliver the best and newest music to the most people possible, events have never cost more than $1 to attend.

This Saturday, TMD will hold their second event at The Social–the first branded entirely under their name–TMD Pop-Up: Premium Spirits at The Social. Two resident DJs will pair with guests from fellow ORL collectives LABWRK and Talk Yo Shit and trap producer, LanlordCollectin. Both fog and drinks will flow as we dance to the finest in premium spirits, served by six of Orlando’s best DJs. Dissect the lineup below. Enjoy.

Blair Sound Design (TMD)

Blair recently moved back to Orlando after some time in Tallahassee. He played TMD’s Combination 2 as the guest that night, but fell in love with our burgeoning dance scene, moved back, and joined TMD. As a Outsider house producer, Blair’s music has spread all throughout Europe, and he is set to have his first vinyl pressing later this year via French Press Lounge, his own imprint under London’s Lobster Distribution.

Beau R. (TMD)

Beau has better taste than you. He can pull music from any era of dance music and make you fall in love with something you never knew existed. He DJed under the moniker ’07 CHEV at TMD UK, and is ready to represent the smile boys with driving house and techno beats.

FIONA (Talk Yo Shit)


“Lanlord, what’s happenin’?” When I first met Lanlord he was promoting his then upcoming mixtape with local Soundcloud rapper, TEDD.GIF. He laid the ground that Ted went ape shit on; his tight, hype instrumentals pushed the MC to his most hype. As a DJ, he forces the crowd to perform similarily.

Grape La Flame (Talk Yo Shit)



FREE SAMPLES: 11/28 The Dog Apollo, Reverist, The Sabals @ The Social

Come out to The Social this Friday for some great indie pop and rock. We’ve got Jacksonville’s The Dog Apollo, Orlando singer-songwriter Reverist, and fellow Orlando three-piece, The Sabals. This is going to be a very diverse show, so sample the bands and be sure to make it out! Enjoy.

Get your tickets now!

The Dog Apollo


Hear more at The Dog Apollo’s Bandcamp.



Hear more at Reverist’s Bandcamp.

The Sabals


Hear more at The Sabals’ Bandcamp.

Live Music: Baths @ The Social

Wednesday night was awesome. I found out around 5 p.m. that I had won tickets to see Baths! I hadn’t really been acquainted with Baths, but the group of friends I was with praised his stuff. He did not disappoint.  Thanks to Shows I Go To for saving me $30 on tickets! Enjoy.

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Splish-splash I was takin’ an overused pun.

Baths wasn’t alone, Time Wharp and Groundislava were two amazing openers, and by the time Baths took the stage, everyone was already pumped. The place was  packed, I wouldn’t be surprised if it sold-out, and the sound system at The Social was hitting hard. At one point during Baths set, Will Wiensfield, sole singer and composer of all of Baths’ music, said that the bass was so intense that his equipment was jumping around beneath him. The Social has always been my favorite venue in Orlando. It’s the perfect size, and the stage is set up in a way where everyone can see, even if it’s sold-out.


But, back to Baths. Like I said, I was going in expecting nothing, and I was astounded by the show. Wiensfield has charisma on stage that exceeds most of today’s rock outfits, and his precise skill at creating magnificent soundscapes rivals that of traditional artists. Baths is precisely what I have grown to love about electronic artists. He paints a portrait with sound, adding minute and exact details creating layers that build into a whole piece. I think it’s safe to say that Baths is better live than on record, and that’s the highest of complements. Songs like “Lovely Bloodflow” had added intensity, it’s easy to tell that Baths put in the extra effort to make these song sound different in a live setting.  Between songs he was extra friendly to the crowd, giving shout outs, telling stories, asking the audience, “how many of you know that I’m gay?” His closer, “No Eyes,” was by far my favorite of the night. During the chorus he went so far as to scream, “But is only a matter of, come and fuck me!” After that, he thanked everyone and left. Great night.