Something’s Burning: A Summer Mix by Alex Clements

A good mix captures a feeling. You sit in the atmosphere it creates, and connect. This mix, created by a great friend and talented musician, has helped me tremendously this week. I find myself listening to it in the car, thinking and thinking, as layers of sound topple over me. There’s clarity in its harshness. I want to thank Alex for making this mix and allowing me to share it with you. He added the following blip, explaining the feelings behind his dreary summer soundtrack. Enjoy.

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My best attempt at compiling the music that has meant the most to me this summer, discovered and enjoyed at times often spent in isolation. This music is mostly around 20 years old and ranges from American shoegaze to slowcore to dream pop. There is an indescribable warmth and familiarity in these songs that is hard to resist which I found myself unknowingly slipping into and getting lost. A few artists are represented twice, as I found it difficult picking just one song. Each of these records are individually incredible in their own right and deserve revisiting, the time spent with them was definitely worth my while.

Here is 47 minutes of my summer, mostly loud songs for a restless mind.

Download the entire mix on our Soundcloud.

1. “jeremy parker” – swirlies (1993) 0:00

2. “something’s burning” – seam (1993) 4:06

3. “elizabeth colour wheel” – lilys (1992) 7:59

4. “i love you like the way that i used to do” – rocketship (1996) 14:51

5. “stove” – eric’s trip (1993) 19:11

6. “winona – drop nineteens (1992) 21:58

7. “falling yesterday” – jessica bailiff (1998) 25:15

8. “reed to hillsborough” – duster (1998) 29:59

9. “copacetic” – velocity girl (1993) 33:55

10. “autopilot” – seam (1993) 37:30

11. “wrong tube” – swirlies (1993) 41:48

cover photo by Kelsey Ryder