TVW Presents: Friday the 13th 2016 (photos)

Maybe you knew we do shows. Maybe you went to this one. We had a ball at Spacebar on The Lord’s favorite day. The bands (in order) that played were: The Death Tremors, The Welzeins, Donkng, Harsh Radish, and Slumberjack. Enjoy.

Our next event is at Orlando Fringe Fest and is completely free.

Photography by Sierra Reese.

The Death Tremors (5 of 7)

The Death Tremors (3 of 7)

The Death Tremors (1 of 7)

The Death Tremors (6 of 7)

The Death Tremors (7 of 7)

The Welzeins (4 of 4)

The Welzeins (2 of 4)

Donkng (1 of 5)

Donkng (5 of 5)

Donkng (2 of 5)

Slumberjack (4 of 10)

Slumberjack (8 of 10)

Slumberjack (7 of 10)

Slumberjack (9 of 10)

TVW’S TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 2014 (10-6)

It’s the popular thing to do, so why not? Keep in mind that this is one person’s opinion, and I know there are many great albums I didn’t hear this year. Let me know what your favorite albums of 2014 were. Click the album titles to listen for yourself. Enjoy.

10. The Welzeins – The Welzeins welzeins

Orlando’s favorite dads kick off the list at number ten. The Welzeins animalistic debut is charged with gritty fuzz licks and tight, playful melodies. I’ll say it right now: “Zhark Attack” is one of the best songs by any Orlando band ever. This album feels like the grease burns you get while cooking bacon without a shirt. It hurts, and I love it. READ MY FULL REVIEW!

Favorite Tracks:

“Zhark Attack,” “Shit and Sugar,” “Cigarette Girls”

FKA_twigs_-_LP1 (1)9. FKA Twigs – LP 1 

FKA Twigs, the moniker of British songstress Tahliah Barnett, pulled through with the best debut of 2014. Every instrumental cascades into your ears, while Twigs voice – that emotive, emotive, voice – will shake your bones and simultaneously make you weep uncontrollably and become aroused.

Favorite Tracks:

“Two Weeks,” “Numbers,” “Kicks”


8. You Blew It! – Keep Doing What
You’re Doingyou blew it

You Blew It!’s second full-length cemented them as a band. Their sound is tighter, their licks fuller, their melodies brighter. Singer Tanner Jones’ lyrics are brutally honest and unforgiving. After repeat listeningsI started to feel like this album was made for me. Maybe not directly (duh), but I continuously connect with the melodramatic lyrics and sweaty group chants on KDWYD. I feel understood. I feel at home. READ MY FULL REVIEW!

Favorite Tracks:

“Award of the Year Award,” “House Address,” “Gray Matter,” “Better to Best”

Jack_White_-_Lazaretto7. Jack White – Lazaretto

2014, for me at least, was the year of Jack White. I FINALLY got to see him live at Bonnaroo, and it was an incredible three hour, career-spanning set. On his second solo record, White pulls out every one of his tricks from the gritty guitar of “High Ball Stepper” to the lovely harmonized vocal melodies on”Alone in My Home.” READ MY FULL REVIEW!

Favorite Tracks:

“Lazaretto,” “High Ball Stepper,” “Alone in My Home,” “Black Bat Licorice”


6. Flying Lotus – You’re DeadYou're_Dead!

Flylo is another artist who this year captivated me with a stellar live show. His walled projections are unlike anything I had ever experienced. Look it up if you want. But the audible journey of You’re Dead captivated me just as much. This album is a wild ride through jazz, hip hop, and electronic music.

Favorite Tracks:

“Never Catch Me,” “Coronus, the Terminator,” “The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep”


Album Review: The Welzeins – “The Welzeins”

Those fuckers in The Welzeins finally decided to release an album, and I’m here to tell you about that album. Intro, intro, intro. Enjoy.

Damn, that intro sucked.

On their first full-length, The Welzeins bring thick, crunchy, fuzzed-out songs, not dissimilar to garage rock artists like: Ty Segall, White Fence, and The White Wires. Their sound is a familiar one, but the band does it justice by putting tons personality into their music. The opener “Zhark Attack,” one of the band’s best live staples, is filled with humorous lines about dad getting laid, and then attacked by a shark. The bridge features singer RJ playing lifeguard, urging swimmers to vacate the waters. But when he screams “DAADDD!,” you realize a young man has just lost his father to an ocean of fuzz.

Other album highlights include “Shit and Sugar,” “Miss Mosshart,” “Cigarette Girls,” and “I Get Stoned.” These songs, more so then some of the others, are filled with that personality that makes The Welzeins stand out in the massive congregation of The First National Church of Big Muff. “Miss Mosshart” is a love note to The Kill’s frontwoman, and “I Get Stoned” is about, wouldn’t you know, getting stoned. Another standout, “Cigarette Girls” has these cool allusions to tobacco use: “I’m no Marlboro Man,” “she’s got that American spirit,” “I’m addicted to you.” There’s also a great reprise in the song filled with reverbed oohs that sounds almost psych-like. This small change is refreshing in the straightforward, riff heavy atmosphere of the album.

And that’s it. Listen to the album, and let me know what you think. Also, try to get a chance to see The Welzeins live. Shit’s good. Peace.

The Welzeins – “Cigarette Girls” // Album Release Show

Ladies and gentlemen, they won’t be stopped. The Welzeins plot to take over the universe is going all according to plan. First, the Orlando band announced their self-titled, debut album and released “Shit & Sugar.” Now, The Welzeins are dishing out “Cigarette Girls,” a raunchy, riff-laden barn-burner. Singer/guitarist RJ Nordstrom growls, “I’m addicted to you!” The feeling is mutual. Enjoy.

IMPORTANT: These boys are holding a album release show this Saturday at Backbooth. Buy your tickets now!

Orlando Singles: The Welzeins – “Shit & Sugar”

Welcome to the best place to find hot Orlando-area singles. Today we have two young bachelors who call themselves: The Welzeins. These charming men won’t use roses and chocolate to sweep you off your feet; they prefer shit, sugar, and raw beef. Enjoy.

The Welzeins are a greasy two-piece who specialize in fuzz-filled surf rock. “Shit and Sugar” is the first single from their debut album, which is scheduled to be released sometime this year. The song is essentially a bare-bones garage rock tune, filled to the brim with crunchy guitars and primal screams. Tomorrow, The Welzeins are playing their first show with new drummer Matt Wassum at some random dude’s house. It’s definitely going to be a good times, so come on out. Bring your dads!

Live Music: “Greetings from Orlando” Release Show (feat. DoGs, Thee Wilt Chamberlain, The Welzeins, and Wet Nurse)

And you thought I was done talking about Greetings from Orlando. Hell no. Wednesday’s show marked the official release of the compilation, and featured performances by numerous bands who took part in the Orlando tape. Oh you missed it? Too bad. Kill yourself. There will never be a show of the same caliber. But, there probably will be. This is Orlando. Enjoy.

Wet Nurse is playing a secret show TONIGHT @ The Peacock Room. I sadly have to work, but go out and wish them well!

I reviewed Greetings from Orlando in its entirety. READ PARTS ONEDEUCETHIRDNEXT TO LAST, AND FIN NOW!!!!


You would think that with all my journalistic expertise, I would know the importance of punctuality. Nope. I fucked around, and missed DoGs. But, I did I run into the band at Lou’s, and they are awesome guys. I’ve been giving their album Sports Beer some pretty heavy rotation, and thoroughly enjoy all of it. You’ll hear more about this three-piece very soon. They’re also playing a handful of shows in March, with the last one on the 29th @ Will’s.

Thee Wilt Chamberlain

Thee Wilt Chamberlain brought the feel good energy to Lou’s with their instrumental surf rock sound. In recent news, the band inspired gourmet fast food chain Taco Bell to try breakfast. But, these entrepreneurs true talent lies in their music. On Wednesday, Thee Wilt Chamberlain dished out song after song of head bobbing, toe tapping, hand jiving jams. When’s the last time anyone from Taco Bell did that? Your move TB.

The Welzeins

The Welzeins did what they do best. They brought high energy, catchy tunes, and left bodies in their wake. The high point of their set was the electrifying “Zhark Attack,” the only song in recent history to deserve The Rock’s signature adjective. No date has been announced for the release of their debut-album, but their performance at Lou’s made me giddy with anticipation. Hopefully, they will be able to translate their explosive onto CD without destroying all of Orlando’s eardrums. Though, that would be impressive. Your move boys.

Wet Nurse

Every wonder about a universe without Wet Nurse? Well in this hellish place, both the compilation and the show don’t exist. Those poor bastards. Wet Nurse, freshly practiced and ready to tour, pulled out all the stops. New songs. Old songs. Mosh pits. Guitar solos. AND THOSE HARMONIZED VOCALS. I cannot get enough of this band’s ability to have perfect two part vocal melodies. This was by far the best Wet Nurse show I have ever been to, and SXSW is not ready for fuck storm this foursome is going to unleash. That’s right. A storm of fuck. Hide your dads, kids.

Peace Treats Records – “Greetings from Orlando” PART ONE

If you’re blindly unaware, Orlando has some of the best acts in the world… they also have the best music blog. Recently, Wet Nurse and Peace Treats Records made a mix CD of Orlando bands to take to SXSW. Over the next few entries, I’ll be quickly tearing through this compilation, giving you the best Orlando music money can buy. Enjoy.

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The Welzeins – “Zhark Attack”

The Welzeins kick off the comp the only way they know how: loud “take no prisoners” surf rock. RJ’s vocals are gritty yet catchy, and the force of this song knocks similar California bands off their surfboards. All the Cocoa Beach necessities are here. Ride the waves. Bikini Babes. Shark Attacks. And a thick layer of SPF 1,000 fuzz guitar sunscreen. Apply every two hours for best results.

Hear more from The Welzeins on their Bandcamp! The duo is releasing their debut album soon, so stay tuned for that!

Girls on the Beach – “Way She Walks”

Influenced by “beer, girls, [and] self-loathing,” Girls on the Beach keep the good times rolling. There’s a strong Beach Boys influence, which shows itself in the ooo’s and aaa’s of the background vocals. A mid-tempo walk on the peer is interrupted by a beautiful girl who won’t give her onlookers the time of day. Girls on the Beach have been burning down Orlando since 2011, and with their most recent release coiming out last October, we can only hope they’ll be around for years to come.

Hear more from Girls on the Beach on their Bandcamp!

The Tuff Looks – “Tuff Break”

The Tuff Looks pull us off the beach and into a dark alley. “Tuff Break” has punchy guitar rifts and punk attitudes; the harmonica has never been more intimidating. The dueling male and female vocals create a nice flow, and make the chorus ear gripping. I didn’t know about The Tuff Looks before this compilation, but I look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

Hear more from The Tuff Looks on their Bandcamp!

Stay tuned for part two!