SWEATER FEST 2015 (preview + playlist)

 “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”
— Jesus (son of God)

SWEATER FEST 2014 was a landmark event. The night served as my introduction to incredible acts (and now, friends): Tiger Fawn, Someday River (at the time they were called Bellows), Fast Preacher, and ARK. On Saturday, December 19, I will again don my horrendous knitted outerwear and head to The Milk District for SWEATER FEST 2015. And this year’s lineup … oh yeah. Here’s a little taste test of the sweaty sweater goodness in-store, provided by your friends at Happy Camper Booking. Enjoy.

 If you’re at all familiar with this shitty website, you should recognize at least one of the bands on the bill. For some tight, feel-good grooves with a track record of dance hall boogie-woogie, check out Fat Night and Thrift House. When speaking of Fat Night’s 2015 EP, Lazy Days, TVW staff writer Graham Johnson had this to say:

The organ and guitar carry you throughout the album on waves of reverb and pure groove, inviting you to experience the graceful dance of the two instruments, performed by talented hands.

(Note: Fat Night are relocating to Chicago very soon, so this may be one of your last opportunities to see them kick ass, at least in the near future.)

I, myself, can vouch for Thrift House. This six-piece has only been playing live since September, but don’t be mistaken, Thrift House’s members are no spring chickens — this talent has spread itself all over Whorelando and beyond.

Maybe you consider yourself more of a rocker.”” Don’t fret little one; Daytona Beach doom woppers, Harum Scarum, and silly psych space aliens, Timothy Eerie, have the dance vitamins you crave, but with a really big muff (not what you think, but they probably don’t even use that pedal).

Rounding out this cozy, yet itchy, evening are SWIMM, Someday River, and Die Tryins. SWIMM, who jump back-and-forth between Orlando and Los Angeles, are indie poppy rocky sweetness, not unlike SWEATER FEST vets Someday River, who express the same sugary melodies, but with a cool funk. Die Tryins, on the other hand, are in a toe-tapping, indie bluegrass lane all their own. This band, formerly known as Goodrich & The Die Tryins, features Happy Camper’s Dave Hanson. He could have chosen to play with any of numerous bands he’s a part of, but he chose this one. That should convince you.

As if that wasn’t enough for your greedy commercialist ass, Frankasaurus Fresh will be hosting a silent disco on an outdoor stage. All of this for only $10. Doors are at 7, music starts at 8, and by 9, we may end the war against Christmas. Who knows?

photo by David Lawrence | iamdavidlawrence.com

Adjy + Thrift House @ Will’s Pub (review + photos)

Have you ever been caught talking shit? When a seemingly benign piece of gossip turns into a full-on social execution, the crypt of shame feels inescapable. Unless… you’re not the poor soul on the receiving end of embarrassment. Then it’s a goddamn riot. This was the horrifically hilarious scene that occurred last night at Will’s. And some bands played too. Enjoy.**

**This slightly entertaining anecdote is a dramatization created by my misunderstanding of a conversation, sponsored by PBR!

Thanks to David Lawrence for the photographs!

Like the victim of shit talking appearing at our table, I too fell out of the ether into Will’s. I just kinda showed up. And after a long day spent booking, I was glad to be there.

Once the event previously spewed into an introductory narrative occurred, my night really began with Thrift House. This neo-funk six-piece had talent to spare. Each member took his or her turn in front of the mic. And every one of these voices was their own, personality for days. Local singer and multi-instrumentalist Addison Muha sang like a new age Janis Joplin. Immediately afterward she switched to drums while the drummer belted a savory rock ‘n’ roll burner. It was like slow cooked ribs. Good eats.

Adjy + Thrift House Live Review | The Vinyl Warhol
photo by David Lawrence | iamdavidlawrence.com

Adjy closed out the night at Will’s. an Orlando collective sporting an uplifting brand of indie rock. It’s sure to cleanse the soul. The band exuded positive energy. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Chris Noyles, threw his arms around the stage, air-hugging the entire audience as he sang. I was surprised to find out that Adjy hadn’t at one time been a praise band. I’m not sure that what I felt at Will’s was a god, but I their on-stage passion had me jiggling like good ‘ol Jimmy Christ.

Like Thrift House had earlier, most of the six-person band played numerous roles in the creation of the set. My favorite was the enthusiastic vibraphone player, Abbey Go. At one point she was joined by the light dings of a glockenspiel. Without further explanation or exploration, you should be able to deduce the kind of music Adjy play just by the inclusion of these to instruments. It’s light. It’s upbeat. It makes you feel good. Critics of enthusiasm may attack this band’s fervor, but burn the non-believers.

With that, my night at Will’s Pub ended. I meandered over to Lil Indies where Orlando blues/soul/funk legend Eugene Snowden was finishing a set with some fellow musicians. I’ve been lucky enough to see Eugene in action before, and whether he’s playing for a few or for few hundred people, one thing is constant: He’s on. And his energy pulls the best out of other musicians, who each took turns riffing on the band’s last song. Come see Eugene play with The Legendary JC’s this Sunday at Will’s 20th Anniversary Fest. I’m sure he’ll be in rare form.