Throwback Thursday: Wild Flag – “Romance”

This bad ass girl supergroup features members of Sleater-Kinney, Helium, Ex Hex, and The Minders. The band had but one album, and damn it fucking rips hard. This is “Romance” in both music video and live video form. Enjoy.

Throwback Thursday: The Morning After Girls – “Run For Our Lives”

I was so about this band freshman year. They’ve released two amazing albums, 2005’s Shadows Evolve and 2011’s Alone., but have been MIA since. Fingers crossed we get a new album before 2017. Enjoy.

Throwback Thursday: Black Hippy – “Say Wassup”

Black Hippy is a hip hop supergroup composed of Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, and Ab-Soul. They’ve yet to drop a full album, but have continuously work together on solo projects. This joint is from 2011. In it, the four MC’s take turns spitting bars that flow together so effortlessly. Enjoy.

Throwback Thursday: The Rolling Stones – “Loving Cup”

Instragram. Fuck your Instagram. We got Stones. What’cha know ’bout Stones? Enjoy.

My all-time favorite Stones song, “Loving Cup,” from of the perfect Exile on Main Street, is country-infused ballad that compares the love of a woman with alcohol. “Just one drink, and I fall down drunk.”

Throwback Thursday: Iggy Pop – “The Passenger”

Recently, I shared my new found love for Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life on The Vinyl Warhol Facebook Page. It was the second IggyPop record both produced and co-written by David Bowie, and the album stands as a fantastic piece of work. “The Passenger” just happens to be one of the best, and one of the most popular, cuts off Lust for Life, it’s slow, it’s haunting, it makes you feel like you’re in 1977 Berlin. And, like everything else Iggy, it’s better live. Enjoy.

Throwback Thursday: Daft Punk – “Face to Face”

Like Instagram, but with tasty jamz. Enjoy.

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From the infectious robots’ 2001 landmark album Discovery, “Face to Face” is an upbeat groovy machine and one of the album’s greatest highlights. And on an album full of highlights, that’s saying something. If the video confuses you, that’s because you’re only seeing a piece of the puzzle. In a 2005 collaboration with Daft Punk, Japanese filmmaker Kazuhisa Takenouchi featured Discovery as the soundtrack to the animated film Interstella 5555.  Watch all of Interstella 5555 here!