T.I. – “About The Money (Remix feat. Killer Mike & Young Thug)”

“About The Money” is my favorite song of this summer. Maybe you think I’m crazy, but I seriously can not get enough of Young Thug’s quirky spurts of energy, or how his flow sounds like maple syrup is constantly dripping out of his mouth. I ran upon this remix yesterday, and while I do think Killer Mike kills it (LoL), I wish they hadn’t cut Thug’s verse out. The song is completely changed; where Thug’s verse may have been noticeably less technical, his charisma meshed incredibly with the swagger of the song. How could anyone justify removing a verse with the line, “I’m going fishin’ with these little bitty shrimp dips,”? Let me know which version you enjoy more. Follow for more $wag. Enjoy.